Why We Founded Scoot

Do you remember your most inspiring teacher?  

I do.  Andrew Johnson, not THAT Andrew Johnson.  He had a lasting impact on my life.

At Scoot, we believe every student deserves a champion who helps them realize their potential but not everyone has that opportunity. And that’s not okay with us.

Daniel and I founded Scoot to help schools give every student the chance of having meaningful relationships with their educators.

Daniel, a P.E. teacher turned business owner in Australia and England, and myself, an ex-management consultant, make an unlikely pairing, but our diversity is our strength and our mission unites us.

We wanted to create an education staffing partner that’s truly integrated into the community, working with--rather than against--schools and educators to bring great teachers into every classroom.

The outcome is Scoot Education.

As the Scoot journey started, the team quickly began to understand why it’s so difficult for school administrators to get great educators into their classrooms: not enough teachers, not the right technology, not enough time, and not enough investment.

The more the team discovered, the more we felt compelled to help.

Scoot aims to make it simpler, faster, and more collaborative to get great teachers into classrooms and drive stronger learning outcomes as a result.

Scoot is a new approach to getting stellar teachers into classrooms. We bring new perspectives and new tech-driven solutions. We are small, we are nimble, we understand the urgency, we get technology, we value diversity, and we have heart.

We care as much as you do about who’s standing at the front of every classroom in America.

Our mission is simple and, mostly likely, very similar to yours; we are here to help create exceptional experiences in education.

That is our shared focus.

We might be new to America, but we’ve been building our expertise since 2005; in fact, across the globe every week we teach 400,000 students, and we’re accelerating towards our goal of reaching 1 million students every week.

This is how we redefine the status quo of the staffing industry - we place ourselves in the shoes of those with whom

we collaborate.

We partner with schools and educators; we are not recruiters. We put learning outcomes ahead of financial outcomes, we are easy and consultative to work with, we put authentic relationships over transactions, and we take ownership.

That is our vision, our promise, and we invite you to join us.


James Sanders, CEO of Scoot

Daniel Mundy, CEO of anzuk Education

and the rest of the Scoot team