Welcome, Aspire Guest Teachers! Nice to meet you.

We're excited to meet you! 

As Aspire's new guest teacher partner, we're thrilled to invite you into the Scoot family. Aspire guest teachers are serving their school communities with stellar professionalism and a passion for education. 

We're excited you're considering Scoot as the next step in your guest teaching career. 

We know you have lots of questions about who we are and how this transition will take place.  Below you'll find helpful information to make the process easy! 

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Meet Scoot 

We love what we do as much as you do!

We're an educational staffing company serving California since 2017, but we've been helping quality educators since 2005. We're part of a global organization that has operated for 16 years across Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and most recently the USA.

We invest in teachers looking for substitute teaching or full-time teaching positions and connect them with stellar independent, charter, public and private schools across Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and Central Valley. We're opening offices in New York and San Diego later this year. 

Scoot mission & values 

We help create exceptional experiences in education.

As a mission and values-led organization, we partner with schools and educators; we are not recruiters. We put learning outcomes ahead of financial outcomes, we are easy and consultative to work with, we put authentic relationships over transactions, and we take ownership.

We live by our core "BE GREAT" values:  

Why Scoot 

Aspire chose Scoot to provide better guest teacher support to schools and scholars. 

Scoot cares for its partner educators and endeavors to make substitute teaching a profession that is not only rewarding but can be relied upon to make a living.  Aspire’s mission and values align strongly with Scoot, wanting to provide opportunity to underserved communities and give every student a chance to obtain a college education.

Switching to Scoot - the hiring process

Our process is simple! After you apply, we'll invite you to a virtual interview.

If we find you to be a good match, we'll request you upload certain documents and complete our quick online training. 

Our Process

Step 1: Apply and then complete a virtual interview

Step 2: Upload eligibility documents (ie: teaching credentials or CBEST

Step 3: Upload identification and work authorization documents

Step 4: Submit a professional reference

Step 5: Complete our health and safety training online

Step 6: Upload results of a recent TB test and Live Scan application. These will be administered at a WellnessMart testing location, and at $0 cost to you! 

Hooray! After these steps are completed, we'll send you an employment offer letter! 

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Benefits as a Scoot substitute 


pay & benefits

  • Market leading pay across California
  • Classified as a W2 employee
  • Weekly pay via direct deposit
  • Paid sick days
  • Eligible for State benefits (e.g., unemployment)

more work

  • Opportunity to work at 200+ schools in California
  • No minimum work requirements
  • No minimum availability requirements
  • Work across public, charter, private schools
  • Long-term work opportunities

coaching & feedback

  • You get a dedicated consultant 
  • Free & paid training opportunities
  • Regular coaching from your consultant
  • Performance management process
  • Develop and improve your teaching skills


Learn More: Live webinars 

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Start the transition process

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What are the main changes?

The biggest change you’ll experience is that you’ll be employed by Scoot Education instead of Aspire Public Schools.

Scoot has consultants who facilitate the relationship between schools and educators (e.g., guest teachers), and these consultants will be responsible for contacting you with guest teaching opportunities as well as following up to give you performance feedback and receive feedback from you. You’ll build a professional relationship with your consultant as they’re always looking out for you.

Your consultant will be your main point of contact within Scoot however we are one-team and everyone on our staff is always willing to help.

What are the benefits for me?

  • You’ll receive weekly pay via direct deposit, every Friday one week in arrears

  • A passionate and friendly consultant who cares about you, your preferences and sourcing work that meets your preferences

  • Efficient technology to let Scoot know when you can and can’t work, along with accepting or declining assignments at the click of a button (or touch of a smartphone screen)

  • Opportunities to work at other schools besides Aspire Public Schools (if wanted)

  • Long-term and contract positions where available (if wanted)

  • The possibility to relocate within California or New York (or to Australia, United Kingdom, or New Zealand) as these are regions where Scoot is located

  • Access to both in-person and online professional development opportunities to develop your skills as a teacher. Some professional development session are paid

How do I get started with Scoot? Can you explain the process more in-depth? 

  • Click here to begin your transition to Scoot Education

  • The transition process is made up of several steps:

    • Submit resume and basic contact information

    • Schedule and complete a virtual one-to-one interview with a Scoot consultant 

    • Submit compliance documents:

      • Identification documents

      • Teaching credential(s)

      • Tuberculosis clearance (Scoot pays for your TB risk assessment)

      • Criminal background Live Scan (Scoot pays for your Live Scan)

    • Complete three short online training modules

    • Sign your Scoot employment offer letter! 

    • Start working with Scoot 


What will be my employment status with Scoot Education?

Scoot classifies all of its guest (or substitute) teachers as W2 employees. This means that:

  • Scoot will help calculate your tax deductions so there’s no nasty end-of-year tax surprises

  • You will be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI), paid family and medical leave (FMLA), and state disability insurance (SDI) through the State of California EDD

  • You will be covered by Scoot’s workers’ compensation insurance policy to protect your health and income should you get injured while on a Scoot job

  • You and Scoot will be AB5 compliant at all times

Will my pay change?

No. Your pay when working at an Aspire Public Schools site will remain exactly the same as it is in the 2019/20 school year.

Will I earn sick pay?

You will be enrolled in Scoot’s sick pay policy which is the same as Aspire Public School’s policy in terms of eligibility and accrual rate. Full details are provided in the Scoot employee handbook.

If I choose to work at non Aspire Public Schools, what is the pay?

Scoot has separate agreements with each partner school/network/district and, as such, pay is variable.

Within your offer letter you are provided a pay range according to school and your type of teaching credential. You are always informed of the exact pay rate of an assignment before accepting or declining. ​

Pay varies based on a few of factors, such as:

  • Assignment length (4 hours and less are half days and half pay)

  • Classification of assignment (e.g., Teacher v Teaching Aide)

  • Credential of educator 

  • Duration of assignment (15 days or longer are long-term assignments with higher pay)


Does getting hired by Scoot impact my unemployment insurance?

No, starting (or completing) the hiring process with Scoot does not impact your eligibility for UI benefits as Scoot is not offering work until schools return in August 2020 and your UI benefits are calculated on work already completed.

Can I still go to the same Aspire schools?

Yes. Scoot will be working with all Aspire schools and are focused on continuity for both you and the students at the schools you work at regularly. Scoot will have access to parts of your work history at Aspire so can help you return to schools where you have relationships.

Will my list of preferred Aspire schools be transferred?

Yes. Scoot will use your list of favorite schools at Aspire.

Will I be able to go to non-Aspire schools?

Yes, if you wish. Scoot partners with many other charter networks, private schools and public school districts which we can offer you work opportunities at.

Will I still use Aesop/Frontline Absence to select assignments?

No. Scoot has its own custom technology for both schools and educators to connect them for assignments. Scoot’s technology is available via a website and smartphone app. It allows educators:

  • Accept or decline assignments

  • Set your availability both in advance and same day

  • View a history of your work with Scoot

Will I be titled a guest teacher?

Scoot most regularly uses the terms ‘substitute teacher’ or ‘educator’ but officially your job title will be Substitute Teacher. However, you will continue to be referred to as a ‘guest teacher’ whenever on assignment with an Aspire school.

Are there minimum work/availability requirements?

No. Scoot does not have minimum work or availability requirements to be employed. However, if you’re consistently unavailable, not contactable, and/or regularly decline work then Scoot will reassess your employment and it may be terminated.

Where is Scoot Education located?

We have offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento. The consultant you work with will be located in your home region.


Still have questions? Contact us via email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

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