Halloween is just around the corner. You’re likely already bracing for the costumes and the sugar rush, but what kind of fun activity are you going to do? 

We've got a few ideas in mind! Use these Halloween classroom activities to help you prep and make the day a spooky celebration!

1. Halloween Paper Puppet Fingers

(via Makes and Takes)

2. Paper Bat Pumpkins

(via No Biggie)

3. Halloween Treat Bags 

(via Petite Elefant) 

4. Paper Bag Halloween Puppets

(via Makes and Takes)

5. Spooky Ghosts and Spider Hats

(via Baby Center)

6. Mummy Cupcakes

(via Ambrosia Baking)

Try a sweet treat for snack time!

7. Glitter Sticker Pumpkins

(via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

8.Glow in the Dark Spider Balls 

(via Grinning Like an Idiot)

9. Mini Yarn Witch Brooms 

(via Make and Takes)

10. Chocolate Candy Witch Brooms

(via Makes and Takes) 

11.Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces

(via Makes and Takes)

Fun and easy ways to design pumpkins without carving. 

12. Match the Jack O'Lantern

(via The Crafting Chicks)

13. Bat-Shaped Party Cones

(via better homes and gardens)

14. Googly Eyed Green Blobs

(via Makes and Takes)

You can't never go wrong with slime.

15. Haunted House Pop-Up Cards

(via Makes and Takes)

Wish the ones you love a “happy Halloween!” in the best and surest way to the heart — a hand-made card.

16. Halloween Treats 

Who doesn't love spooky snacks?

17. Paper Plate Witch

(via Crafty Morning)

18. Spiderweb Craft

(via Crafts Unleashed)

19. Flying Bat Craft

(via iheartcrfatythings)

20. Witch Paper Craft

(via iheartcraftythings)

Simple, fun crafts to get everyone in the halloween spirit.

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