You know your resume is everything, but are you struggling to figure out where to start? Breathe new life into your resume and stand out from the competition with these tips.  

1) Use action verbs.

Take out that thesaurus and select power verbs to describe your experience. All of your descriptions should start with an action verb to detail your position responsibilities and/or accomplishments. Avoid using the same action words as repetition can decrease impact.

download our action verbs worksheet

2) Remove your objective statement. 

Stating your objective is redundant and a thing of the past. Last checked, most teachers have the same objective - to teach. 

3) Jazz up your bullet points. 

Try to include only accomplishments or specific details that set you apart such as concentrations, clubs advised or sponsored, awards won, etc. Focus on highlighting the results you produced over emphasizing the responsibilities you took on. 

4) Clean up your formatting. 

Don’t over do it, but your resume should look clean and consistent. Check your bullets and fonts (both type and size) to ensure that it flows through the entire document. 

5) Add a professional development section. 

Schools are always interested in whether or not you have continued your learning as well as what curriculums or trainings you have had. You do not need to list all but should include any you feel are relevant to the position you want.