Download Lesson Plan

It's about to be a busy season of substitute assignments! 

Schools will resume this coming Tuesday, 1/16/18 (Monday, 1/15/18 is MLK Jr. Day). The months following holiday break, are typically the busiest months for substitute teachers due to cold and flu season.

As this time is quickly approaching, download the provided disease prevention activities. Use them in the absence of a lesson plan or when students finish assignments early. There are materials for all grades, from Pre-K - HS.

3 Tips To Make Sure You Get Assigned Substitute Jobs

In case you missed our email, here's 3 tips to make sure you get assigned substitute jobs: 

#1 Let Scoot know your ready to work 

The "Up and Ready2Work" feature can be utilized daily in the morning, as well as after 6pm in the evening for the following day. 
Scoot educators who indicate they are “Up and Ready2Work” are given priority. When you do this, you’re letting us know you’re available and able to leave the house within 15 minutes of accepting an assignment.

#2 Be prepared with a lesson plan

Sometimes the flu just hits, and teachers lack the time to leave behind a detailed lesson plan. You’re a stellar substitute which means you come prepared! Download our disease prevention lesson plans here. Use them in the absence of a lesson plan or when students finish assignments early! 

#3 Set the stage for success

Greet your students at the door, set clear expectations and invite active participation. And, don’t forget to smile! On average, children smile 400 times a day. Smiling helps generate positive emotions within you, and others. That’s why we often feel happier around children--and why you love your job so much! So, smile and enjoy the day! 
We’re excited for the fantastic year ahead! Thank you for helping us create exceptional classroom experiences for the students of Los Angeles!