Let’s be honest teaching is an art, but a teacher of mathematics is an exceptional being.

It takes a special kind of person to help a student conquer their phobia for numbers. It’s because of stellar math educators that students tap into their greatness and find a love of the subject.

Mero’s make the world go round at Scoot Education. Do you have what it takes?


Now if you are really a MERO, you’ll solve the following questions with precision. Using a calculator won’t even cross your mind ;) Take the Mero test below and test your skills!

1) Write 0.64 as a fraction in reduced form. 

a) 16/25

b) 64/100

c) 32/50

d) 1/64​​

2) Which of the following is an irrational number?

a) 787

b) 13/17

c) 4.5102

d) √620

3) How much time will an old car take to cover a distance of 39 miles at a speed of 13 miles/hour? Express distance as a function of time.

a) 3hr, y=13x

b) 3hr, y=3x

c) 13hr, y=39x

d) 3hr, x=13y

4) Solve the systems of two equations: 2y = 8 and 15y= 2x – 4

a) X= 4, y= 32

b) X= 32, y= 4

c) X= 30, y= 4

d) X= 4, y= 4​

5) A boat starts from a port and moves 12 miles north and then 5 miles east. What is the present distance of the boat from the port?

a) 17 miles

b) 7 miles

c) 13 miles

d) 15 miles


Now my young MERO, how did you do? Let’s see if the answers you have chosen are correct…

  1. A

  2. D

  3. A

  4. B

  5. C

Now that you have accomplished this feat, it’s time to use your super powers to educate mathletes all across Sunny California.

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