You just graduated college---yay!

Except you have no idea what you want to do career-wise…You know you can’t live at home with Mom and Dad forever and will need some spending money to cover your weekend trips and travels.

But working at the local coffee shop doesn’t seem like a good use of the shiny new Bachelor’s degree you just worked so hard for!

We get it.

Graduating college and then being expected to “know” what you’d like to do with the rest of your life is hard.

It’s also unrealistic.

 Consider Substitute Teaching

A great way to enter the career-world is to consider substitute teaching. You enjoy a flexible schedule, get to positively affect students daily and you get to put your college degree to use!

Substitute teaching is flexible enough to be a part-time job but also provides an opportunity to start a career in teaching!

There’s a teacher shortage in California, and you can help solve that problem by getting in the classroom and providing a day of continuous learning.

Substitute teaching pays better than waitressing or a barista job and doesn’t require any extra training, but still allows you to have plenty of cash to cover your weekend trips and travels.

Who makes a great substitute?

Recent graduates who excelled in university courses and consider themselves high performing individuals with passion for teaching or experience with kids make stellar substitute teachers.

Someone who enjoys autonomy and varied environments but is also proactive and takes charge when given the chance will thrive in a classroom.

If you ever ran a summer camp, tutored or provided childcare then you’d be a great candidate!

Being a substitute teacher requires a dynamic, passionate, organized and empathetic individual who is excited by the idea of providing students a full day of learning even though their main teacher is out for the day.

What do I have to do to start substitute teaching?

Becoming a substitute teacher requires you pass a tuberculosis test, a Live Scan criminal check and an aptitude test called CBEST.

Some schools will allow you to substitute teach without taking the CBEST exam, but we highly suggest taking it.

Learn how to become a substitute teacher in Los Angeles and the steps necessary to get hired with Scoot.

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Consider becoming a substitute teacher with Scoot. We’ll guide you through the process and get you working in schools by fall 2018!

We understand as a recent graduate it can be difficult to find a job. We also know sometimes you just want to take a gap year and have a fun, flexible part-time job while you figure out what’s next.

Let’s solve the teacher shortage together and get quality educators into Los Angeles classrooms!

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