Who doesn't want to be a more efficient and effective teacher?


Here are 5 apps that increase communication, improve organization, build community, and make learning more fun in the classroom!


A digital gradebook and classroom management app that allows you to take attendance, calculate grades, and even plan timetables.




An app that can save articles, videos, or any Web content directly from web browsers, email, and over 1500+ apps. You can later view these saved items without an internet connection. With this handy app, you can easily store and organize any online content that you believe is relevant to your current or future lesson plans, so that you can share to your class without any hassle!




An app used by everyone - teachers, parents, and students - to increase communication and create a closer community. Teachers are able to showcase day-to-day activities in the classroom, randomly group together students on a built-in generator, turn on music, and privately message parents signed into the app. Students can showcase what they’re learning in class by posting photos and videos into their individual portfolios on the app. Parents can digitally join the classroom by liking and sharing the content posted by both students and teachers.




A game-based learning and trivia platform that makes learning more engaging and fun. You can quickly create learning games (called “kahoots”) in one of two formats: a series of multiple choice questions or Jumble, where players must place the given answers in the correct order. This is a fun way to get kids excited to participate in learning!




A communication hub that lets teachers engage with their classes as well as other teachers on a global level. Through this app, you can assign and annotate student tasks, utilize a daily planner showing all upcoming assignments and events, communicate with students with direct messenger, and share new lessons and resources.




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