Free lesson planning and instructional guidance with the power of IBM Watson

We're committed to providing educators continous learning so we've teamed up with IBM's Corporate Citizenship team! We are offering a FREE webinar for K-8 math teachers to learn more about Teacher Advisor With Watson.

IBM Teacher Advisor Webinar

Join the webinar!

Who: K-8th math teachers who want to save time in planning effective, aligned lessons

What: Learn how to use the free tool TeacherAdvisor, make the most of the tool's content and functionality, about upcoming release features, and how to leverage the tool in your planning and execution in the year ahead.

This is also a great opportunity to offer your feedback on your experience with the tool to-date. 

When: December 11th, 2018 from 5-6pm PST

Where: Online webinar 


Discover FREE math instructional resources with the power of Watson! 

Teacher Advisor With Watson is a 100% free, web-based tool that can help save elementary and middle school math teachers valuable time in planning effective, aligned lessons. 

  • Exclusive resources from the National Center for Learning Disabilities

  • Targeted and ranked recommendations that you can download or save for later

  • All materials presented in context to help you build expertise and spark ideas

  • UnboundEd reviews and vets all materials available on Teacher Advisor

  • Watson has been trained to understand searches for hands-on activities

  • We regularly speak with our users to get their feedback and ideas for new features