Unsure of how to effectively manage your classroom? Here are 6 simple management techniques that can save every teacher a lot of headaches.

1. Set a time for activities

It’s easy to go over schedule in your day of planned events. In order to help your students transition between events and remain focused on their tasks, utilize a timer. Timing chunks of your lesson plan also helps to keep you on track.

You can buy timers with cool visual cues online or use the timer on your phone. Let your students choose the alert sound to have a little fun!

2. Share your calendar of events

Give your students a heads-up of what’s in store every month. You can share your monthly plan by having a large calendar up on the wall with each day filled with the main activities that you planned. Students will be able to know how to prepare for each day. Additionally, if you allow it, you can make any necessary changes together with your students when not everything is going according to plan.

3. Have a clear bathroom policy

Some teachers love using bathroom passes, whether they’re clipboards or bottles of hand sanitizers. Others prefer for their students to simply go without asking at all. Just be explicit about what you prefer from day one; it would clear up a lot of future confusion and uncertainty.

4. Set up turn-in trays

Paper sorting can become easier with trays that designate different classes or each student. With papers already assembled in the appropriate categories, you’ll be able to grade papers more efficiently. Your kids can also feel more independent as they turn in their work themselves.

5. Stamp dates on students’ work

The downside of having turn-in trays is when students may try to slip in late assignments into the tray before you’re able to collect them all. Yes, for the most part, our students are amazing, but sometimes secretly turning in late homework is oh so tempting. Thus, keep track of your students’ papers by stamping them with the date they had it ready. You can designate a student to go around using the stamp for you.

6. Greet students at the door

You can really make someone feeling special by simply giving your full, undivided attention when they arrive. Giving your students individual attention from the beginning of the day let them know how much you care about everyone. Knowing that they’re cared about encourage them to behave better, and you get to grow meaningful relationships with each student.