Whether it's Spring Break, state testing or summer vacation, you need a way to earn income on the days you're not in the classroom.


Here's some ways to use those breaks wisely and creatively earn income:


1) Tutoring

Continue teaching children by tutoring in your spare time. You can start your own tutoring business from scratch or become a contractor for one of the many online tutoring businesses, like Chegg.


With tutoring, you’ll be able to work more flexible hours and teach subjects specific to your interests in a more hands-on way that is difficult to achieve in a large classroom.


2) Create content to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

Got great lesson plans? Support your fellow teachers and earn extra cash at the same time by selling your educational resources with Teachers Pay Teachers!


This website is dedicated to the concept that you can sell the lesson plans that you’ve produced over your teaching career.


When you make your page, don’t forget to utilize your social media platforms to promote it.


3) TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit matches freelance labor to local demand, so you can join the pool of Taskers and get paid to help out your neighborhood with tasks as varied as mounting a TV screen or bartending a backyard party.


You can put to good use the organizing skills you’ve honed as a teacher or do other odd jobs like running errands!


You need to submit an application with a $20 fee and get it approved for you to attend a required orientation before you start providing services. However, because of the clearances you need for teaching, passing TaskRabbit’s background checks will be a breeze.


4) Offer your unique services on Fiverr

Fiverr is another online marketplace for freelance services, but with this you serve a worldwide audience and you’re less constrained with what services you provide. You can be a little creative here!


Fiverr’s freelancers offer a variety of digital services such as content writing, website reviews and graphic designs.


As a teacher, you can provide a variety of skills.


Are you a great storyteller? Consider offering voiceovers.

Are you great at making graphics? Consider offering logo creation.

Are you great at resumes? Consider writing resumes & editing them.


Whatever your talents are, you’ll find a way to offer them at fiverr.com


5) Care.com

Help families a variety of ways through Care.com, the largest online family care platform. Sign up and get connected to families to provide child care, senior care, special needs care, pet care, housekeeping, and tutors.


You’ll have the opportunity to choose tasks that fit your schedule while meeting many great families.


6) Rent out your place on Airbnb

Many teachers already serve as hosts for Airbnb. Just like the driving services, great Airbnb hosts also exhibit the same qualities of an excellent educator.


Also, the times that families look to travel are often the exact times that teachers have off work, so renting out your home while traveling is a practical way of earning money while on vacation.


7) Rover

Love dogs? Sign up on Rover to earn money by walking them around your neighborhood during hours that fit your schedule. You don’t need certification or training and you get to enjoy time in nature and time with dogs, both of which reduce stress.


You’ll also be able to take care of dogs whose owners have gone on vacation, so you can provide loving, personalized pet care to create a home away from home.


8) Sell your clothes on Poshmark

Make room in your closet and earn some money on the side through an online market with Poshmark. It’s mobile friendly, so most of your selling and buying can easily be done just on your phone.


Being a seller does incur some fees, but the ease of shipping makes up for it; Poshmark provides you with shipping labels. There is also more seller and buyer interaction unlike other similar sites like Ebay. Being more social with the Poshmark community really pays off when it comes to gaining more visibility as a seller.


9) Lyft/ Uber

As teachers, you already need to be socially adept and adaptable. These traits can help you to be a good driver for Uber or Lyft. You can stick to driving within your local community and chat with the various passengers you pick up.


Do keep in mind that sitting in front of the wheel can be physically taxing, so as an independent contractor for these ride services, take advantage of how you can set your own hours. Supplementary income is always welcome, but don’t burn yourself out by driving for long hours!


10) Food Delivery

There’s many food delivery apps that are flourishing due to the increasing demand of people preferring to get their food delivered to them. Cash in by being the one delivering! Not sure which app to sign up for? Try out UberEats.


You can drive for both Uber and UberEats or only do food deliveries. If your vehicle is too old for Uber, it may be fine for food delivery. There’s also the option to deliver on a bike or scooter.