When you’re a busy teacher, it’s easy to feel out of control and like you’re being pulled in a million directions. Take back your day. Follow this step-by-step process to enjoy your most successful day!      

1. Get an early start

Waking up an extra 10-20 minutes makes a difference; you’ll be able to prepare for your day without feeling rushed or running late.

Getting up a little early could mean not pressing the snooze button or breaking the habit of first looking at your emails or social media when you open your eyes.

By just making a small change, you can give your day a calmer beginning and set off to a great start.

2. Picture the desired result

Take a few minutes to visualize where you want to be and how you want to feel at the end of the day. Is there a certain goal that you want to achieve with your students or something that you need prioritize higher for better classroom management?

Set this vision as your intention for the day to ensure that you’re taking charge of the classroom rather than feeling flooded.

3. Make your to-do list

Create a reasonable to-do list for the day on paper. Keep track of the classroom activities by writing them down beforehand and have a separate section for a few tasks that you need to do when you go home. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a mile long list of things to complete everyday!

Also, a good tip to achieve efficiency when tackling your list is to batch similar tasks together, such as having a set hour at night to respond to emails.

4. Select your top three

Take a look at your list of tasks. Are there any tasks that would prevent you from having a successful teaching day if they aren’t completed? Determine your three most important things that you absolutely have to do before the day ends.

5. Get to work

Progress begets progress. Gain momentum for the rest of your day by checking a few, easy things off of your list. This can even be doing the warm-up activity you planned for your students.

Check in midday on your progress, and if you’re running out of time, simply focus on your top three.

6. Plan for tomorrow

Set yourself for success. As your day comes to a close, look ahead to tomorrow by reviewing tomorrow’s schedule, and adjusting as needed if you had tasks today that you couldn’t complete.

Think about what you might need for the next lesson and set those items aside, so you can jump right into preparation the next day.

7. Practice gratitude

Reflect and find something to be grateful for. Doing so everyday will add more positivity and happiness in your life. This is also a great time to look back on your day and be proud of your accomplishments.

Apply these tips right away into your daily life! You don’t have to bombard yourself with everything, just one step at a time is all it takes. As you develop these as habits, notice how much more successful your day becomes and how you feel in overall happiness.