Making math fun and breaking stereotypes on the subject isn't easy. Sometimes it requires a little out-of- the-box thinking and varied visuals to enlighten a student to the beauty of numbers. 

Use these 4 creative ways to integrate numbers into your next lesson plan and influence your students to look at math in a more interesting light. 

1) Prime numbers

Prime numbers are often described as the "atoms" of math. Boosts students curiousity by asking them: How many prime numbers do you think exist? and then share Euclid's proof with them.  

2) Lucky 

Introduce your students to probability math with this simple game using dice. By the end of this activity your students will understand just how "lucky" they get with the number 7. You will be able to educate them on the inner workings of what probability in math looks like.  

3) Birthday Paradox

Paradoxes are key elements in philosophical thinking. They challenge the natural course of reasons and outcomes of how our brain functions. Take a look at these 10 Paradoxes That Will Boggle Your Mind, and share them with your students to spark up interesting converstations. 

4) Even Four

The adjacent countries on any map, do not ever share the same colors. What is the smallest amount of colors neccessary to fill out any map? According to Francis Guthrie, only 4 is needed. Test this out with your students in a fun activity where each student draws their own imaginary map and attempts to color it in with no more than 4 different colors. It might take a few tries to get it just right!

What are some creative ways you keep your students interested in math?

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