Back to school season is here! It’s time to transform your classroom into a place your students like to hang out and enjoy spending time in. After all, they’re spending the majority of their day there, and so are you! 

The key to keeping a classroom environment happy and open is to reduce the amount of clutter and increase organization. As educators, we spend years in the classroom setting (i.e. Schools, workshops, conferences or continuing our own education) making it easy to forget the importance of a well organized classroom.

Bottomline: The more cluttered an environment, the more distracted and disjointed are the impressionable minds that have come to learn. And the more it can impact the productivity and happiness of your students!

We've got 10 items to help you stop the clutter and create a inspiring classroom for students to work together and learn!  

1.  Bins

Get bins for everything! It sounds silly but they are versatile enough to use for storage, organization, and they’re an easy way to add a of pop of color to the room. 

We recommended color coding them or use labels to keep things tidy and show students what belongs where. 

Use shallow bins as “Turn In Assignment” baskets. 

Use deep ones to store supplies like pencils and crayons, and other heavy duty items. 

Use containers for game pieces or toys, as they have lids and will keep everything together. 

Use thin long ones to organize different types of books, a yellow bin for at grade level books and a blue bin for above level, or bigger bins for bigger books! 

2. Clips

Wooden or magnetic clips are great to hang up students’ work! Use them to decorate walls with student drawings and writings, and also to host important tasks or rules.  

It's a simple, and safer, way to present and organize your classroom

3. Wall Decals

Flex your creativity with wall decals! Choose powerful language that inspires your students or reminds them of their capabilities. 

You can even use graphic decals, like a photo tree to showcase your students!

Organize your classroom into specific areas using wall decals too, one for reading and one for writing. 

4. Carts

Teacher carts are great for moving essentials as needed throughout the classroom, and carts with drawers are a staple for an organized class! 

Use a multi-drawer cart for worksheets, paper or supplies needed for specific days, periods, or even students. 

5. Folders

Put folders on the wall with handouts for students to take as needed. Use file folders to have all your students’ work in one place.

6. Cubbies

Label each cubby for each student. Model for students how to organize and personalize!

7. Pocket Charts

Use these to set the mood or theme for your classroom. Fill them with sight words or classroom duties when it’s work time. Rotate holiday themed pictures and vocabulary when Halloween or Christmas is coming. 

8. Labels  

Use labels to help students understand what goes where, and to easily locate items. Your visual learners will love them and auditory learners will appreciate the visual cues during clean up time ;) 

9. Supply organizer

Functional, cute and colorful, what more can you ask? Fill them up with class time essentials: pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, glue and scissors. 

10. Pillows, rugs, carpet squares

Use rugs (or carpet squares) to add color and style to your classroom.  Have pillows for meditation and reading. Use both to make your classroom comfortable and inviting to learn. 

What’s your favorite organizational tool for the classroom? 

We’d love to hear! Shoot us a message on instagram @scooteducation or email us your recommendation at [email protected]