With the school year just around the corner, the best defense against back-to-school anxiety is Preparation.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, but dont fret, Scoot has created a printable worksheet to put your thoughts and ideas into an organized format so you can start the year in control and as stress-free as possible! 

Our prep kit includes a shopping list, a to-do list, as well as a timeline to project manage when each task needs to take place. 

Back To School Prep Kit 

1) Shopping List

When amassing your list of items required for the classroom, ask yourself if any of these materials are "Wants" rather than "Needs". Trimming out the "Wants" will make you more efficient with your time and money, and understand what's really important to you. 

From there, plan which stores you Need to visit versus what items can be ordered online. Less time spent in the store, means less time to contemplate and be distracted by implusive purchases. This organization gives you a solid foundation of basics

2) To-Do List

There's a chance you will forget things here and there. Write it down into an on-going list and add to it as you go. It's better to have it written down than floating in your brain! The first day of school will flow  seamlessly. 

3) Classroom Checklist Timeline

The clock is ticking and it's the perfect time to start prepping! A carefully crafted timeline checklist will provide you a way to make sure the pertinent tasks get taken care of in a timely manner. Observe any special dates and hard deadlines you're up against, record them onto your list and you'll never feel overwhelmed or caught of guard.

Summer may be ending, but a new journey and fresh new school year is about to begin!

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How do you prepare yourself for the back-to-school month?

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