Check out our pre-made shopping checklist we've designed for you that is made ready-to-go so that your able to cut your shopping time in half.

We want to make sure that you're adequately prepared for this coming school year! Download and print our Classroom Shopping Checklist now to kickstart your way into the semester.


1) Sections

A shopping list written from top to bottom is a poor way to recall information and prevents your mind from making connections. Encourage your ability to be quick and efficient by categorizing items into sections. Stationary supplies and room decorations are just a few main ideas we've included in our checklist for you. Feel free to write your own sections (such as lighting, organizational tools, seating, wall decorations, ceiling hangings etc.) with the template we've attached.

2) List of Stores

Brainstorm your list of items with the store locations together so that you're able to achieve your goals in record time! We've included a couple places to shop for your back-to-school goodies. Online purchases such as Amazon and Ebay are perfect for "cheaper by the bulk" products. Just don't forget to order them at least 2 weeks ahead of time to prepare for set-backs.

Breeze through your shopping adventure and collect all your materials, so that you have plenty of spare time to focus on your lesson plans.


Download PDF


What do you shop for when school is just around the corner?

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