Get motivated by creating a to-do list that will accomplish your goals on an on-going weekly basis. Projecting your responsibilities from your thoughts to a piece of paper is the first step in organizing the amorphous, scattered ideas in your head. Give yourself the agency to actually DO what's on your list! Download our Classroom To-Do Checklist to take that first step into transforming ideas into action. 


1) Weekly To-Do List

Naturally, human beings think about their plans in weekly increments. Why would a to-do list be any different? You'll run the risk of burning out if you micro-manage what needs to be done everyday and every hour. A weekly list of goals will give you a broader sense of of your deadlines by composing a list that serves exactly what you desire to achieve.


2) Utilizing Your Notes

Have you ever tried to fill out an entire day of responsibilities in one sitting? If 'yes', we're sure you're quickly realized how stress-inducing an over-packed to-do list can be. Putting too much on your plate at one time will set you up for an on-going unfinished list you'll never be able to conquer; which is distressing in its own way.

Take charge of your own day and write down specific timestamps that fit with your schedule. Be flexible and open to change concerning your schedule so you're not being forced, but rather, feeling empowered to accomplish what you know needs to be done.  

Use these materials to recapture your control over the unruly school year and be proud of it! Confidence in your capabilities will keep you motivated in accomplishing your goals, in your profession and as well as an individual. 

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What are some important to-do's that you think help with school preparation?

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