The first day of school is around the corner and It's time to make your classroom shine! However, Finding decor that is both stylish, functional and on-budget is easier said than done, right? 

We've assembled a list of thrifty finds to inspire you on your back-to-school shopping for any budget range. Listed below are the best items we could find at Target, IKEAMichael's Craft Supplies, Amazon and your local Dollar Store



Affordable and pinterest worthy furniture for the classroom. Assembly is required, but don’t strain your back, use TaskRabbit! Also, follow ikeaClassroom for inspiration!

1) Utility Cart ($34.99)

Put all your teacher essentials and move it around as needed. Use it as a mobile library, stacking books relevant to the upcoming unit. 

2) Loveseat ($249)

Use it to section off part of your classroom for the library. Small enough for your students to hang out and big enough for you during Story Time.


3) Lighting

Use the lanterns ($6.99) to decorate and use fairy lights as a border ($2.99) for your Feature Wall. Did we mention they’re LED? 

4) Cushions ($1.99 and up)

Decorative, fun and comfortable. Get the $3.00 cushion and spend that extra budget on pillowcase covers ($3.99 and up)!


An all-time teacher favorite, Target not only has a dollar section for inexpensive grabs, they also have a section dedicated to classroom decor! And of course, we can't get enough of the #targetteachers hashtag on Instagram, creeping on the innovative ways fellow teachers are utilizing Target supplies in their classroom.

Some of our favorite things to get from Tar-get...

1) Wall Decals

Buy the peel and stick wall decals and use them to section off creative corners for your students. Gratitude corner ($7.39), artist corner ($11.79) and the centering corner ($13.89). 

2) Dry Erase Pocket Squares ($10)

These are perfect for learning activities like tracing letters and numbers. Tack them up on the wall and rotate relevant worksheets for your early finishers. 

3) Bins

Paper or plastic? Use the paper ones ($11.99) to hold magazines, and the plastic ones ($15.89) for picture books. Super affordable and stackable to organize your library!

4. On-task System ($6.95)

For those students that easily get distracted, this will keep them on task. It’s fun and satisfying to check off (or get a sticker) for completed tasks!

99 cent store

Check out your local 99 cent store sporadically for random finds. 


1) Raffle Tickets/ Treasure Box 

Use raffle tickets to reward students for good behavior. They can write their names on the back and drop them in for Friday’s raffle! Ticket winners will get to choose a prize from the treasure box, comprised of fun and cheap toys from the 99 cent store!

2) Mason Jars

Use mason jars (canning jars) as decorative containers or holders! Or use them for classroom activities or lessons like "Guess how many marbles in the jar?" 

3) Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes as part of your demos. Have a packet on hand for jotting down questions or comments for texts you or your students may have when reading.

4) Clips

Random things to flex your creative juices! Clothespins for behavior charts, mousetraps for magnetic clips and carabiners as DIY hooks for backpacks!



Flex your creative juices as you think up of DIY options for the classroom. They also have teacher project suggestions with a supply list and instructions at your disposal! 


1) Origami Paper ($7.49 a packet of 200 sheets)

For simple art projects or for art time. Teach your students to make a fortune teller or a flower!

2) Felt ($8.49 for 36 pieces) and rubber bands for chairs

Instead of using tennis balls, this is a much easier and cheaper way to quiet those chair feet. DIY instructions here. 

3) Interactive Wall

Use cork paper ($1.99 for 12" by 12") and construction paper ($41.39 for 250 sheets) to style up your walls for a daily schedule board!

4) Door decor 

Use colorful ribbon ($3.99) and paper ($9.49 for a 48" by 12ft roll) to design your door as it welcomes your students to the new year!


Good for everything else and if you have Amazon Prime, take advantage of that free shipping and handling. 

1) College Pennants/Flags ($48.95)

Motivate your students toward the college of their dreams with this fun set!

2. Speakers ($25.99)

Connect it to your phone and make a playlist appropriate for dance breaks and morning meditations!

3. Meditation Bell ($14.98)

Use it in the morning to center your students for a full day of fun activities and intentional learning.

4. Pocket Chart ($18.74)

Hang these up to display what your classroom will or is currently working on. Update it according to style and holiday or seasonal themes. 

5. Laminator ($36.42)

Laminators are a teacher's best friend. Perfect for reusing worksheets or posters but also fabulous for classroom decor. 


Got more creative ideas?

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