Need a fresh new idea to stand out in Halloween? We've put together a few costumes that you can rock with your teaching squad!


1.  Play-Doh

Be fun and recognizable by going as Play-Doh! All you need is a yellow shirt and to print out the logo (laminate it to be more sturdy). To indicate the color, these ladies got creative by covering a Velcro catch ball game with a fabric square and hot glued the catch's hand-holder to a headband. But you can wear any fun colored hat and it will do the trick.

Get your friends to match with you, because we all know that Play-Doh is more fun with more colors!

2. Alpacas with Maracas

A fun way to incorporate your costume into teaching is by dressing up as a popular storybook character! You can come in dressed as the main character of a book your class is currently reading or have your students guess who you are.

It's a wonderful way to have storytime come alive!

3. The Day the Crayons Quit

Squad up with this storybook idea! This DIY is also a tad easier than sewing together felt pieces to create an alpaca head. If you're tight on time, use your origami skills to make a crayon top head instead of your sewing skills to sew together an alpaca head.

Hot Tip: For the signs, instead of buying wooden sticks, you can repurpose your rulers!

4. Blue's Clues & Co.

Why not dress as characters from a popular kids' show instead? You can even gather your friends to perform a scene from the show. Your students will definitely love it!

5. Emoji Keyboard

Express the various emotions you feel while teaching with these funny emoji costumes! They're super easy to make because you only need to cut out construction paper and hang your artwork around your neck with yarn! 




Costumes originally shared on WeAreTeachers




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