With the holidays coming up, it can be hard for students to pay attention in class. 

Keep your students engaged with these Thanksgiving-themed activities that teach students how to demonstrate creativity and use critical thinking! All the handouts are downloadable and FREE.


1. Grateful coloring pages

Start the day by having your students brainstorm reasons for their gratitude. This is a fun way to help your students clearly distinguish the "who," "what," and "why." 

You can either download the black and white handout for students to color it in or the already colored version!

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2. Thanksgiving writing pack

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This Thanksgiving writing pack features 10 different how-to writings. There are sheets for:

  • "how to disguise a turkey"
  • "how to make a pumpkin pie,"
  • "how to help a turkey escape from Thanksgiving dinner,"
  • and much more!

Your students can exercise their creativity and practice logical, step-by-step writing. 

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3. Matching card game

This is a simple history lesson about the origins and activities of Thanksgiving. Students can easily get bored with history, but this card game encourages them to be attentive to facts in order to play the game!

Download the card game now and use it for small groups, centers, morning warm-ups, and more.

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4. Thanksgiving feast shopping list

Attach memories of Thanksgiving meals to a budgeting activity that tests your students' number skills.  With this Perfect Menu worksheet, students will have to budget what to eat for Thanksgiving. They'll grapple with what to buy and how much to buy without going over budget. 

You can adjust the difficulty by either having whole number prices for food items or prices with decimals!

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What's your favorite Thanksgiving activity?

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