Make Thanksgiving Fun For Students

It's almost time for Thanksgiving parties in the classroom and a busy teacher like you is searching for easy, but exciting activities for your students.  

1. Pin the feather on the turkey

If you're collecting fun crafts to do with your kids, then this is a must-have! It's pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey but with a Thanksgiving twist.

  1. Simply download the templates and print them out.
  2. Tape the turkey onto the wall.
  3. Cut out the feathers and have each student write their name on their feather.
  4. Place double-sided tape on the back of the feather.
  5. Before playing, blindfold the first player, hand them the feather, and see if they can place it on the turkey.
  6. Continue playing until all players have had a turn.

You can give a prize to whoever made the best placement!                 

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2. Turkey juice box

Your students will already love getting free juice. Add a festive touch by turning the pouches into turkeys!

You'll need enough juice for the class, including you; feathers; brown and yellow construction paper; googly eyes; glue or tape; and scissors.

  1. Wrap each juice pouch with brown construction paper. Tape or glue into place.
  2. Make beaks by cutting out triangles from the construction paper.
  3. Tape or glue googly eyes and a beak onto the juice.
  4. Glue feathers on the back of the pouch.

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3. Fall and harvest bingo

This seasonal Bingo will be a hit in your classroom! It's very easy to set up.

  1. Print out the template by making a free account on the website. If you can, laminate the sheets so they last longer.
  2. Buy candy corn or another treat to use for the game. Prepare in advance by putting an even amount of candy into plastic bags to hand out.
  3. Play Bingo with the same rules!

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4. Give your students a personal gratitude note

Let your students know how thankful you are for each one of them with these cute Thank You cards! It will be heartwarming both to write these cards and to receive them.

In the link, you'll also find instructions to make walnut turkey crafts that make creative name holders for your class. It's a freebie from the packet that the creator sells on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you're feeling crafty, have a go at those walnut turkeys! Or if it's not too difficult, have your students try making them.

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If you already have party ideas and need Thanksgiving-themed lessons for teaching instead, check out our other blog!


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for your students?

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