With winter break coming, you need to put together holiday activities to keep your anxious students in their seats and engaged. Both you and your students are feeling restless as the days get hectic, so don't feel bad that you don't have anything elaborate planned. Just a few easy activities can make teaching more fun for you and your students!

Here are a few free and easy holiday activities that we love and hope you do too. Winter break is so close that class may start feeling crazy, but you've got this!


1) Positive "Presents"

Are your students too focused on "getting" during the holiday? This is a great activity to teach your students about the "giving" aspect and how to be thankful. You can teach that you don't always need money to give something valuable, like a compliment!

This self-esteem boosting activity is easy.

  1. Type all of your students' names on a sheet of paper with two lines accompanying each name.
  2. Give your students a day to come up with a positive comment about each person on the list.
  3. Collect the paper and type up one page for each student, listing all the positive things their peers said about them. Comments can be "You have a nice smile" or "You're nice because you always help with homework."
  4. Hand the papers back to your students for an instant mood booster!

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2) Macaroni Snowflakes

All because we're located in sunny LA and San Francisco doesn't mean we don't love snowflakes! This is a budget-friendly activity that is so fun. You can showcase your students' snowflakes in your classroom or have them take them home as a gift.

You'll need: 

  • An assortment of macaroni like shells and fiori
  • Strong craft glue like Smart
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Large cardboard box
  • Fast-drying white spray paint
  • Plastic tray
  • Glitter

Now it's time to make snowflakes!

  1. Give each student equal amounts of macaroni and let them explore different shapes until they settle on a couple that look like snowflakes.
  2. Apply glue generously to the edges of the pasta with a brush and attach pieces together. Lay them out to dry completely while rotating them periodically so they won't stick to the desks. Hot tip: you can put construction paper on their desks to minimize cleaning.
  3. Lay out a single layer of snowflakes in a large cardboard box. Spray with white spray paint. Re-apply in light layers, letting snowflakes dry in between, until they're completely coated. Shake the box a bit as they dry to prevent sticking.
  4. Once painted and dried, apply glitter by brushing more glue. Thin out the glue with water this time. In a plastic tray, sprinkle glitter all over your snowflakes. Let dry completely.
  5. Loop a ribbon around each snowflake and ta-da! You're done!

Every student will have a cute ornament for them to take home or for you to hang up in class for everyone to see.


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3) Chalk Stencil Lights

This quick art project is another festive decoration for the classroom or for your students to excitedly show their family! Get your students to be creative with the stencils and where they place them on their paper. There's no such thing as a wrong design; let them have fun!

You'll need:

  1. Thick paper like card stock, file folders, or old cereal box cardboard!
  2. Scissors and a pencil
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Colored chalk
  5. Black construction paper
  6. Silver Sharpie marker

Now create your colorful stream of lights.

  1. Fold a piece of your thick cardboard in half and draw half of a lightbulb shape. Layer the rest of your thick paper underneath your first and cut out multiple lightbulbs simultaneously.
  2. Cut your black construction paper vertically to have two long pieces. 
  3. Either you or your students can draw the wire for the lights with a silver Sharpie. If you're planning to hang them up along your classroom, you can line up the papers and draw connecting wires!
  4. On the wire, draw the base of each lightbulb. Then put the stencil at the base to trace the lightbulb with colored chalk.
  5. With the stencil still in place, use a cotton ball to brush the chalk all around the stencil.
  6. Remove the stencil and admire your brilliant lightbulb! Continue using different colored chalk for each lightbulb down the wire.

You can use this stencil technique to create a wide variety of artwork!


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What is your all-time favorite winter activity?

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