Sometimes you just have no idea what to get somebody for the holidays.

Don't stress. We have some ideas for quick, but personal gifts for the people in your life. Here's what our Scoot employees received this Christmas! 


1) Branded backpacks

A cute but practical gift is a branded backpack. We put our company logo on the bag, but you can also have names of your friends and family embroidered on it as well. Another idea is to embroider something that your receiver likes. For example, maybe they love to play baseball, put a bat and baseball onto the backpack or maybe put their favorite animal.


2) Festive candles

A candle is a classic gift. Everyone can appreciate a good scent filling the place. Not all candle cups will have festive decoration, but that's not a problem. Just buy holiday tags or stickers at Target to personalize each candle. Boom! A festive candle that matches the season.


3) Framed photo

With the age of digital photos, physical photos have become rarer but more heartwarming. Pick out a photo from a fun memory and print it out. Buy a holiday-themed photo frame and now it's a cute gift ready to present. Some frames also double as Christmas ornaments so you can hang it up on your tree.


No matter what you end up giving to your friends and family, remember that it's the thought that counts. You may not be the best gift-giver, but receivers will love that you thought of them and wanted to give something. Happy holidays!







What gift ideas do you have?

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