We love listening to great music as we work from home. The right tunes can keep us uplifted and motivated as we maintain social distancing. 

Expand your music playlist by checking out what the Scoot team is listening to. You might find a new favorite song! 

Grimes - Nicole, Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Motown anything - Thania, VP of Marketing

Drake - Maurice | Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Migos - Maurice | Education Consultant, Substitute Team

City Girls  - Maurice | Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Nipsey Hussle - Maurice | Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Alegra Lauren | Office Consultant

"The New Pope" - James | CEO

and lastly...

Baby Shark

 "Not my favorite but a certain 3 year old in my household wants to hear it on repeat..."
Eliana | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team​

The Work From Home Life Series

As Los Angeles and San Francisco are on lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we've moved as a company to working remotely.  We've embraced physical social distancing and quarantine life as part of our new reality, but that doesn't mean we aren't having fun and maximizing the opportunities to connect digitally!  Each day, we have a daily "stand-up" call and incorporate a show and tell segment which we then share here. 

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Got a song recommendation?

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