Staying at home 24/7 is beneficial for both individuals and our healthcare system, but it can get boring fast.

Thankfully, there are plenty of riveting or lighthearted TV shows ongoing right now or available on viewing services like good ol' Netflix. In one of our team meeting calls, Scooters shared their current favorite shows:


Michelle | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Tiger King

Little Fires Everywhere


Caity | Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Schitt's Creek

The Sopranos

Elaine | Marketing Coordinator

Terrace House

Crash Landing On You


Thania |  VP, Marketing

Curb Your Enthusiasm


This is Us

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez


Matt |  Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team

The Outsider




Alex | School Partnership Manager

90 Day Fiance


Tiger King

Eliana |  Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Anything on Disney Plus

Westworld, Season 3


Nicole |  Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team

Anything Involving Matthew McConaughey



Maurice |  Education Consultant, Substitute Team

The Platform

First 48


Leah |  Senior Education Consultant, Permanent Team

Altered Carbon


The Outsider

Kevin |  Education Consultant,  Permanent Team

This is Us

Grey's Anatomy




His Dark Materials

Self Made

Good Girls

Grace and Frankie



Jordy |  VP

The Good Doctor

Hello Resident

New Amsterdam

Grey's Anatomy

Special Mention: Nathan For You

James | CEO

Formula 1 Sports Documentary

The Young Pope

The New Pope



The Work From Home Life Series

As Los Angeles and San Francisco are on lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we've moved as a company to working remotely.  We've embraced physical social distancing and quarantine life as part of our new reality, but that doesn't mean we aren't having fun and maximizing the opportunities to connect digitally!  Each day, we have a daily "stand-up" call and incorporate a show and tell segment which we then share here. 

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Know any awesome TV shows?

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