You're a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed educator....who is one among many, many other bright-eyed and bushy-tailed educators. How can you stand out and get that job you want when there's so much competition? 

This is where Scoot can come in and help make your life easier!

We're an educational staffing company located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We invest in both substitute and full-time teachers and connect them with independent, charter, and private schools.

We're here to meet your needs wherever you are in your education journey.


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1) Save Valuable Time

"Where do I even start looking for a job?!"

We know how much of a struggle the dreadful job search is. Sometimes you have to look anywhere and everywhere. When you finally find the right jobs to apply for, you try your best to tweak resumes to stand out.  You put in the work....but then nothing. You don't get responses back on your applications and it feels like you've wasted so much time and effort.

With Scoot, we find you the best possible positions with the schools we partner with. We want you to talk to us about where you are in your career journey so that we can provide personalized service.


2) Earn Competitive Pay

LA is, no doubt, an expensive city and teachers often don’t have the salaries that they should be earning. You deserve to be well-paid and supported throughout your teaching career. That’s why one of the benefits of working with Scoot is assistance with salary negotiations!

When you get through Scoot positions at schools like Alliance College Ready Public Schools, you can earn up to $72k, have your healthcare 100% covered, and get an 18% match on your retirement.  On top of that, you'll be working at a job you actually love.


3) Free Dedicated Consultant

With Scoot, you won't be alone and lost in your job search. At no cost, we pair you with a dedicated consultant from Scoot Education who actually cares about your job search. Consultants will lessen the stress in your career by working with our partner schools to find openings. 

In the heat of so much competition in the teaching world, trying to stand out can be so stressful. Not everyone can sell themselves and explain why they're the best fit for a job. We do that for you. Even better, we offer catered positions, because we're the ones convinced that you can fulfill the responsibilities. We believe in you, the person.

We're not just throwing anyone who’s free at just any school that calls. Our consultants aren't here to just shuffle you into whatever position is available. They learn more about you and your values so that they can find schools where you'll love both the job and culture.

We're rooting for you to find your dream job.


4) Free Career Development

When you start working with Scoot, you gain access to valuable career development opportunities. As a teacher, you know that learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. You have a drive to continually improve yourself throughout your teaching career.

Scoot supports career growth and provides efficient professional development for free! You’ll have access to demo lesson coaching, assistance with salary negotiations and much more.

Not only will you find a teaching position that’s right for you, you’ll also be enjoying plenty of PD days.


5) School Partnerships

Scoot is proud to have built partnerships with many private and charter networks. 

One of our partnerships includes Alliance, an exceptional charter network in Los Angeles. This organization was founded because the education system continually failed to provide resources for the kids in some of LA’s most underserved neighborhoods. With well-trained leaders, committed teachers, and engaged parents, Alliance has made exceptional the rule for all of their public charter schools.

By working with Scoot, you’ll have an upper hand in getting into great schools like Alliance.











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