If you’re like me (and probably most of the country by now), you’re starting to go a little stir crazy indoors. Like many of you, I’m spending way more time with my partner (and 2-year-old son and dogs) than I thought I’d be… but being holed up with your partner has its pros and cons. Sure, you’re constantly in each other’s space, but at least there’s someone to share your conspiracy theories about Carole Baskin’s husband with. 

It’s a big adjustment to our everyday lives and while we can’t do everything we used to, you don’t have to give up those anticipated date nights! Here are some ideas that are easy and fun...and most importantly, safely indoors! 

1. game night

Whether you prefer card games, board games, or video games, there are plenty of 2-person games to choose from. I'm a big fan of the classics like charades, Jenga, and Boggle but even we need some variation once in a while. Throw in a little competition by keeping score or add an adult beverage to make things interesting!

  • Card Games: I’m old school and love to play a few rounds of War and Slap (yes, very basic but can’t beat middle school level card playing). Here’s a great list with tons of 2-person card games by difficulty level and with explanations on how to play.

  • Board Games: Boggle and Trivial Pursuit are favorites in my house. In times of Amazon Prime, you can order a new game in time for your next date night no problem! Take a look at these suggestions for 2-person board games.

  • Video Games: If you’ve got an Xbox, N64, or PS4 already get your partner in on the fun by adding another controller. If you’re like me and only know how to play MarioKart and GoldenEye, try something new.

2. going "out" for dinner

Or more accurately, safely out on the patio/balcony. Bring out a blanket, some pillows, and a few candles to set the mood outside under the stars. Indulge in dinner delivered from your favorite local spot and enjoy the “night out”. With so few cars on the roads these days and cleaner air, you might actually be able to stargaze a bit! 

3. movie night

This one might seem obvious, but I’m not talking about browsing Netflix for hours. I’m talking about recreating a night out at the movie theater! With theaters closed and many new movies now available to rent online, you can see practically anything from the comfort of your couch. Pop some popcorn, load up on treats, and pour your drink of choice. If you’ve got the wall space I hear getting a projector (like this one for under $100) is 100% worth it to really bring that theater experience to your living room.

4. hit the dance club

If your date night of choice typically involves dancing, don’t worry you can still enjoy some good music and fun dancing with your partner in the comfort of your home. Move your furniture to the walls to give yourself plenty of room to bust a move. You can surprise your partner with a playlist or create one together! Want to take it up another level? Create a YouTube playlist with your favorite music videos and keep that club vibe going all night long!

Don’t forget that date nights don’t have to die in quarantine. Set a date, make a plan, and have some fun :)


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Have fun!

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