The coronavirus has caused enormous disruption to your classroom and students, but it doesn’t mean you can’t teach and provide valuable learning content from a distance.

While many school districts are still scrambling to provide teachers with the protocols and technology to empower a structured digital learning environment, there are free tools and simple actions you can take this week to help students and parents stay on track.

This week our VP of Marketing, Thania Guardino, jumped onto a video call with elementary school teacher, Janelle Forney,  to help create a gameplan for providing learning to students remotely using a free teacher-made website, EducatorPages

Together, Thania and Janelle came up with a solution to provide information and lessons easily to students in a centralized way without spending precious time fiddling with HTML coding or web design. 

Create a Gameplan

The first to-do is decide how you want to provide content to students. Worksheets? Video? 3rd party content? Janelle decided she wanted to provide a mix of videos, downloadable PDFs, external resources and recorded videos of her explaining lesson plans.  

In order to do this, she would need an easy and quick way to build a website, and a method for screenrecording and sharing. We chose EducatorPages for the website and Zoom as her video conferencing platform. 

Setting up an EducatorPages Website


Provide Content + Lesson Plans 

As Janelle waits for school officials to finalize protocols for distance learning, and how they'll systematically implement it across grade levels and various staff, Janelle plans to do the following: 

  1. Record a daily video recapping the day’s lesson 

  2. Host a daily "office hour" for students + parents to ask questions 

  3. Post recordings on her website 

Use Zoom For Recordings 

Janelle and Thania used Zoom to record this tutorial, and teachers can do the same! We put together a tutorial on how to use Zoom for teachers. Check that out!

See Janelle's Final Website 

Janelle made and finished her teacher website that same day! As you can see, she organized her website into 4 pages. A homepage, a biography, and a page for each class. 

Hopefully, now that you've learned how to use Zoom & EducatorPages you can start creating and hosting content for students and parents T O D A Y! 



Hang in there, teachers! We can help.

We understand this is a difficult time! At Scoot, we're pretty techy. We're operating our business 100% remotely and we have experience with online tools to create, present, and connect! We are happy to share any knowledge we have with you.

If you're struggling as a teacher with a piece of technology or software, shoot us an email at [email protected]. We'll either answer you directly or create a tutorial blog for you. We're in this together!