Although you might typically enjoy staying at home, it's less awesome when you don't have the choice and have to remain "Safer At Home" longer than you anticipated.

We get a little antsy, too. So in this edition of "ScootShowNTell," we decided to share our favorite games that keep us entertained each day.


Texas Hold 'Em (card game)

"My uncle had taught me a lot of card games that I still play now. One of my favorites is Texas Hold 'Em."

Caity | Education Consultant, Substitute Team 


Game Pidgeon (phone app)

"After downloading the game, you can start playing many different mini-games within the messenger app!" 

- Thania | VP, Marketing 


Mario Kart (Nintendo Switch game) Matt | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team 


Animal Crossing (Nintendo Switch game) 

"This game has become an essential item in my quarantine life. It's such a calming game where you make a home on an island where other villagers (NPCs) gradually join you and make it their home too. You spend most of your time, fishing, catching bugs, watering flowers, and redecorating the island."

Elaine | Marketing Coordinator


Trivia Pursuit (board game) 

"I enjoy any trivia game pretty much!" 

Alex | School Partnership Manager


Candy Crush (phone app) - Kevin | Education Consultant, Permanent Team


Pandemic (board game) 

"Seemed appropriate to play under the current circumstances, but I think this would be a great game to play during office breaks once quarantine ends!"

Leah |  Senior Education Consultant, Permanent Team


SIMS 2 (computer game) 

"I like being able to control everything and everyone in the game. Having all the power also lets me easily keep everything clean too."

Nicole | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team 


Yahtzee (board game) Lauren | Office Consultant

Boggle (board game) 

"This word game is great to have a nice family get together."

Eliana | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team 


500 (card game) 

"This is a good card game to play when you only have 2 players."

- Jordy | VP, Substitute Team



The Work From Home Life Series

As Los Angeles and San Francisco are on lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we've moved as a company to working remotely.  We've embraced physical social distancing and quarantine life as part of our new reality, but that doesn't mean we aren't having fun and maximizing the opportunities to connect digitally!  Each day, we have a daily "stand-up" call and incorporate a show and tell segment which we then share here. 

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