As we stay "Stay Safer At Home," you might've been lounging in the same comfy, oversized shirt. Maybe it's a little overdue for a wash... No judgment, because us too!

In this "stand-up" meeting, the Scoot team not only shared their all-time favorite tops, but also their home shirts that are so comfy it's easy to forget that laundry day was yesterday.


In a single screenshot, my favorite shirt describes a part of me - my love for cats and sunglasses. Also, this shirt randomly came in the mail one day. It was addressed to me, but I actually didn't order it. The mystery adds my love to it!

- Ambria | Education Consultant, Substitute Team


My favorite shirt fits a little tighter than usual these days...but it's from my first trip to New Orleans when my fiance Mike surprised me with one of my life-long bucket list items - to go on a swamp tour and see real alligators in the wild! Alligators are my favorite animal, so suffice to say it was one of the best days of my life.

Caity | Education Consultant, Substitute Team 

My favorite top is a sweatshirt that I accidentally wore home after sleeping over at a friend's house when I was a teenager. I forgot to return it, so I still wear it after all this time.

- Michelle | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team 

This is my favorite shirt because you can wear it to the office with a blazer or out on the town! In addition to being stylish, it's also flowy and great for going to dinners where you've had a little too much food and don't want your food baby to show!

P.S. I might have it in 4 other colors and patterns.

- Thania | VP, Marketing 


This is my favorite shirt because it not only shows my favorite team, Chelsea FC, it displays my favorite player, Eden Hazard. He no longer plays for the team, but this shirt has remained my favorite.

Matt | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team 

With the news looking a little bleak, I've been making my outfits brighter. This floral, linen crop top, which I bought from Goodwill's, is perfect! It adds a fun element to any basic outfit with its simple, but vibrant pattern. Since I'm not going out very much, I now dress up every time I do. Yes, I'm one of those people who try to grocery shop in style! I even do my make-up sometimes. 

Elaine | Marketing Coordinator

I found my favorite shirt at Goodwill's. Dianetics is a pseudoscience invented by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. Rather than believing in the pseuodoscience, I liked this shirt because of its unusual design and overall comfort!

Alex | School Partnership Manager

Challenge accepted with a selfie masked with class. My favorite shirt is a throwback to my college fraternity days. 

Kevin | Education Consultant, Permanent Team

I like this shirt because it has both puppies and death in one, highly representative of how I relate to and understand the world.

Nicole | Senior Education Consultant, Substitute Team 

I got this shirt years ago at a thrift store and it's been my favorite ever since! It's super soft and comfy to sleep in. Not a fan of the beer though.

Lauren | Office Consultant

Isn't it obvious why it's my favorite shirt? :) I tend to wear this on Sundays as it's my "recovery shirt". 

- Jordy | VP, Substitute Team

The Work From Home Life Series

As Los Angeles and San Francisco are on lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we've moved as a company to working remotely.  We've embraced physical social distancing and quarantine life as part of our new reality, but that doesn't mean we aren't having fun and maximizing the opportunities to connect digitally!  Each day, we have a daily "stand-up" call and incorporate a show and tell segment which we then share here. 

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