It's easy for teachers to accidentally overshare private and personal information when sharing their screens in the virtual classroom.

To avoid mishaps, check out these DO'S & DON'TS of screen sharing when you're teaching the virtual classroom! 


1) be prepared

DO be prepared with all files and windows needed for class. Nothing else should be open.

DON'T search for class files after you already start screen sharing. You wouldn't want to start either the physical or virtual class by searching for material you should already have. This can waste valuable class time. 


2) share your browser

DO share only a browser and not your whole screen. Sharing your browser is easy and simple on Zoom.

DON'T have open tabs unrelated to the lesson (e.g., Facebook, Instagram). Keep in mind that students will be able to see everything you have on your browser. 

3) download a teaching-only browser

DO download a new browser that is ONLY used when teaching. There are many browsers you can use such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. 

DON'T use a browser you use in your personal time. You might forget that students will be able to view all of your personal bookmarks and browsing history when you screen share. 


4) use private browsing mode

DO use Private Browsing mode in this teaching-only browser.

DON'T go into the search bar of your browser without clearing your search history. Students of different classes or schools will see where you've been online whenever you type into the search bar. To avoid this altogether - cause we don't always remember to clear our history every time - open up a private window in your teaching-only browser


5) stop screen sharing

DO remember to stop screen sharing when you're done with lesson.

DON'T resume your personal browsing without making sure you stopped screen sharing. 

Use these tips when screen sharing to be a stellar virtual teacher and avoid epic screen share fails. Happy teaching!

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