Distance learning has been insanely difficult and can sometimes feel too impersonal. We know that nothing really beats seeing your students in person!


But online class can still be tons of fun, we promise. ;)


We’ve put together 6 exciting online games to host an entertaining virtual party for your students!


From charades to virtual plays, there are many ways to brighten up the remote learning classroom.


Tweak the games to be holiday-themed or play whenever your class needs a break!


1) charades

The classic game of charades always gets both kids and adults excited! 


There’s not much preparation required to play this energetic game virtually.


You can come up with relevant phrases or words for your charades game or explore themed lists of phrases online.


Tech-wise, make sure that everyone appears well on their cameras so that they don’t start acting out cues outside of the camera angle. And in case someone has connectivity issues, provide extra time for them when it’s their turn to act.


Fingers crossed that the kids have mastered the mute/ unmute button! (You might want to add extra seconds for unmute fumbles.)



2) show and tell

Have students share a little bit about their lives!


Do a general show and tell or make it holiday-themed.


For example, make it Thanksgiving-themed by asking students to share a family tradition or a meal that they always eat every November. Share your screen and find images of that food so other students can have a visual aid.


You can also ask really anything that kids might be excited to share about. They can share their favorite stuffed animal or favorite snack to eat. 



3) read aloud

Pick your favorite picture book and read aloud to your students.


Exercise your acting skills to energize the story with funny voices and exaggerated facial expressions! 


You can really make the story come alive for students by bringing in items that match what’s going on in the story. Or you can ask the students to bring in items too! 


For example, if a turkey is the main star, then make a quick turkey paper cut-out to go along with the read aloud. Sock puppets work wonders and they always add in a little humour. 


4) play

Bring your kids into the story by having everyone participate in a virtual play.


This doesn’t need to be too complicated and making mistakes is part of the fun!


Pick your favorite picture book and have students pick roles they want to play. Before class begins, they should show up in simple costumes!


There will probably not be enough character roles for everyone, so some students can play other essential roles that are crucial to the ambience of the storybook. A student can be in charge of any sounds that are highlighted in the book and crafty kids can create drawings or paper cut-outs that match the story scenes.


You can also add to the story setting by having students change their Zoom backgrounds to scenes from the book.


5) story art

Another virtual class activity that engages all the kids in a story is by having students draw the key elements of the story you’re reading. If you like the idea of a play but are short on time, this virtual class activity might be great for you!


Go through the story you plan to read and identify all the key elements. It can be the characters, any object that characters interact with, and plot setting. Stories with lots of characters make this easier!


Then have each student draw one unique, key element of the story.


As you read along, you can have the student with the correct element to hold up their drawing. Incorporate their drawing a little more into storytime by describing what’s in their picture.


You can also craft an improv story with your kids using everyone’s artwork!


6) online games

There are free online games that are perfect for a virtual class party.


During our Scoot team meetings, we can’t get enough of Kahoot! We play every week! There are plenty of free, premade Kahoot! trivia for teachers, but you can also make an account and craft your own.


Another fantastic distance learning game is Pictionary. There’s a free generator that provides words based on difficulty level. You can also come up with your own list of words and privately chat students the word they’re supposed to draw.


If you want your students to work out their brains, then head over to Scattergories. This easy game generates one letter and five categories each round. Your students will then have 60 seconds to come up with a word that fits each category and starts with the chosen letter. The more unique the answer, the more points that student gets!


Virtual classrooms don’t have to be boring! Connect with your students with these online party ideas to encourage laughter and bonding.


Trying out new online activities may not always go smoothly, but remember to go with the flow and have fun!



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