Hi friends,

Like you, we started 2020 ambitious and filled with excitement to achieve new goals and dreams. 

No one could anticipate a global pandemic changing the way we live and work. But over the past few months, we’ve seen the education industry work tirelessly to adapt, innovate and serve students and parents as best as possible. 

We’d like to thank teachers. Overnight, they adapted lesson plans for virtual settings, created fun and welcoming assets like classroom bitmojis and still managed to keep up with grades and parent-teacher conferences. They dealt with unexpected guests crashing their Zoom calls, competed for children’s attention and managed to continue their students’ learning.

We’d like to thank substitute teachers. They were needed more than ever and had to cover a wider range of subjects and grades over virtual settings on short notice. On top of juggling classroom rules, they now navigate schools’ different health protocols and procedures. They were superheroes in both online and hybrid classes.

We’d like to thank principals and administrators. They had to carve out a new direction for their school communities. While the future held uncertainty, they continually scrapped, reassessed, and crafted new plans. They provided hope for a better future.

2020 has been a year of hardship and setbacks but also one of resilience and innovation. This year has shown to many that school communities deserve far, far more recognition and reward than they receive.

Thank you all so much. 2020 would’ve been very different without you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


The Scoot Team