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Think back to your favorite educator as a child or young adult. What made them stand out? Likely, it was the way they made you feel about learning as well as the devotion they had to the classroom.

At Scoot, we believe every student deserves a champion who helps them realize their potential. Creating a lasting impact in the classroom is a crucial component of a students educational experience.

5 Ways to Ensure You Are Creating a Lasting Impact

1. Build meaningful relationships

You’re with the kids all day, and it’s easy to just go through the motions. Stay present by asking questions, showing interest and being open with your students. As a teacher, you are in charge of many children and may feel overwhelmed at times, but taking an extra second to ask Timmy how his weekend was or Cathy how her dog is doing after surgery gives you insight to better educate and get through to your students.


2. Open up and tell stories

Students love to know that you are human, too! They need to see that you’ve had struggles and triumphs alike. They’re eager to see you as “one of them.”

When you share personal stories you create a bond between you and your students.  Sharing will make you more relatable, approachable and three-dimensional to your students.


3. Pay attention & take action

You’re a teacher, duh you pay attention!  But it’s more than paying attention to each student’s individual needs, and patterns. It’s taking it past recognition and tailoring it to a student’s optimal learning environment. Just acknowledging that little Bobby does better reading isn’t enough, but taking a step towards ensuring Bobby gets the opportunity for reading is where exceptional teaching occurs.


4. See through the performance

Students don't like being looked at as their letter grade. Understand that there is more to them than their academics but don't disregard their grades.  See the context of their lives and learn more about them and yourself. Once they feel you understand them, they’ll begin to trust you and respect you.


5. Be passionate

Who wants to sit in class when the teacher doesn't want to be there? To influence students, you must be able to share yourself and your passions. An inspirational teacher has a vast knowledge of their subject matter and they command a room with their love for learning.

So share the crazy facts you know about lava rocks and geological formations! Nerd out and have fun with your teaching!

Passionate teachers inspire their students to love education. Be patient with your students on the days they don’t make you feel like a rockstar teacher. Be excited on the days when you garnish a captive classroom so much they don’t want to go home!


Teaching isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it and every student is grateful --whether they say it or not--- for what you do. Looking to bring your stellar education skills to a new school community?

We can help! Hiring season is here!