Diversity Initiatives Promise

Our promise to diversity at Scoot 

As a team working to help create exceptional classroom experiences across California, Scoot believes that having equitable representation and opportunities within our workforce is critical to successfully fulfilling our mission. 

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the forefront of our minds. We've valued diversity and built our culture on it.

We haven't been public about our efforts and promise to do so by publishing our new programs. initiatives and contributions here on this page. 

At Scoot, we have the honor of employing a diverse workforce. Approximately 32% of our substitute teachers identify as Black and a further 30% as a person of color. 50% of our office team are people of color. The school administrators and students we work with are just as diverse. 

With such diversity among its stakeholders, Scoot has a duty to support meaningful change and we are committing to doing so.

Are the steps below enough? No.

They’re just a start and you can expect more actions in the near and long term from us.

We want to be held accountable to our promises and continuously improve. 

Below you'll find some of the steps we’re taking this year to become an even more diverse and equitable company.


September 2020 Update

Mandatory Anti-Racism Training due to COVID-19

As stated below under May 2020, we were planning to require mandatory racial awareness and anti-racism training for all employees before the fall school year.

However, due to the unexpected pandemic and resulting school closures, we're currently focusing on health and safety training to best serve our teachers and schools. 

Therefore, the anti-racism training will be delayed until January 2021 for when more schools expect to open. 

June 2020

Juneteenth is now a company holiday 

We've decided Juneteenth is a holiday we'd like Scooters to celebrate, and we will be giving the day off in honor of the sacrifices of all involved in ending slavery. We're proud to join a growing list of companies honoring the day, and hope to see it become a federally recognized holiday.

"Becoming An Anti-Racist Educator" Webinar

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we're making changes to better educate ourselves and our employees. 

We're hosting a webinar on how to become an anti-racist educator.  

Megan Nevels, an expert in anti-bias and positive school climate initiatives at K-12 schools will share tools to begin a journey towards anti-racism, and empower you to incorporate them into teaching practices.

Following Megan's presentation, we'll close the webinar with an open discussion where educators can share experiences and ask questions.

May 2020

Mandatory Anti-Racism Training 

We're requiring mandatory anti-racism training for all employees. 

Before the fall school year, Scoot's anti-racism and racial awareness training will be a mandatory part of our teacher hiring process. 

Educators will learn: 

  • key terms and language related to anti-racism
  • research on how racism shows up in education
  • strategies to disrupt racism in learning spaces
  • ways to respond to racist language and remarks
  • how to best support colleagues of color in a school setting

Feb 2020

Introducing the Scoot Fund

We've created a Scoot Fund for consultants to use to support students and classrooms who present an urgent need.

Often, substitute teachers encounter students or classrooms in dire need of supplies or financial support. Consultants are empowered to step-in and contribute as they see fit. 

This idea was inspired by our education consultant, Maurice Green who encountered a student named Jayshawn while on a school visit. Jayshawn didn't have a lunchbox and backpack. Maurice discovered Jayshawn was being raised by a hard-working single mother who didn't have enough money to purchase these supplies. Maurice grew up on the Southside of Chicago and resonated with Jayshawn's story.  Maurice sponsored a new backpack and lunchbox and hand-delivered the gift to Jayshawn

We want to empower our consultants to continue these acts of generosity and love when they see an urgent need arise. 

This fund is available internally to Scoot staff only. 

April 2017

Marketing reflects diversity 

We're committed to ensuring our marketing is reflective of the communities we serve. We're intentional about including people of color, minorities and various walks of life in our marketing efforts. 

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Visual images 
  • Printed collateral
  • Videos 
  • Staff showcased