$0 fees and you get a personal consultant 

Working with Scoot is 100% free and with 0 obligations. Full-time Teachers can work with Scoot and still apply to schools and positions online where you see fit.

We want to see you in the right classroom, regardless if we are the ones to find it for you! 


No more cover letters - one application

Forget the days of submitting cover letters and resumes! With Scoot, you'll only have to submit 1 application and then we take care of the rest!

We create a Scoot Summary for you (our version of a resume) and submit it to our partner schools. We customize it to highlight your best skills for each particular school. 


Find your ideal positions

Your dedicated consultant takes your preferences and strengths to find your ideal positions. 


Advocate for you to schools

Your consultant submits your resume and qualifications to schools on your behalf and pitches you for positions. 


 Interview & Demo Lesson Prep

Your consultant provides ongoing feedback and check-ins. When it comes to interviews and demo lessons, expect advice and coaching from your consultant to ensure you rock the interview process! 


Offers & negotiations support

Negotiating salary and compensation can be tricky! Your consultant offers guidance on how to successfully negotiate a full-time teacher job offer and is there to support you through the ups and downs of searching! 

We understand searching for a full-time teaching job position can be stressful...we want to make it stress-free. Using Scoot to find your next full-time teaching position gives you the support, resources, and strategies necessary to land you the right classroom! 

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We get to know you

Tell us about your teaching pedagogy, school preferences, and overall needs. We want to know everything. Your consultant will work with you and partner schools to connect you with the right classroom 

We submit you for positions

No need to fuss with cover letters or resumes. we'll pitch you like a sports agent does with NBA superstars


Connect and interview

Once a school selects you to interview for a position, we'll connect you and coach you through the whole process! 

Enjoy your new classroom!

Start your new teaching position knowing you're the right teacher in the right classroom. 


Exceeded my expectations in every way! I received professional, individualized consulting from Scoot and was guided through the entire process. My consultant, Margo, always made time available for me if I had questions about a particular school or when I needed advice on my interviewing skills and resume. She advocated on my behalf and supported me as a passionate, experienced educator, and through her assistance and hard work, I was connected with one of the top private schools in the country. Soon after, I was invited to tour the campus and interview with the faculty!

I unequivocally recommend Scoot Education resources and services to all educators who are pursuing a teaching position in the Los Angeles area!

- Zack O., Full-time candidate


As a veteran teacher with over 20 years in the classroom, I was nervous to re-enter the California job market, especially with teaching certification from another state. 

Thanks to Scoot, my jitters were allayed. Scoot’s commitment to professionalism, personalized attention, and candor helped me to put my best foot forward as a teacher. Their unique candidate profile system caught the attention of school administrators looking for pedagogically well-matched, passionate educators to join their team.

Because of Scoot (and a few rounds of interviews), I’m eager to start a new chapter at a great new school this fall!

- Jennifer S., Full-time candidate 


They provided multiple tailored job offerings in my preferred geographical area shared with me right away, as well as an extended personal conversation to discuss best fits and options for me. Other recruitment firms took forever to get back to me and the leads weren't exciting or relevant to my interests.

Everything about the experience was easy. My consultant reached out to schools on my behalf and arranged quality school leadership interview opportunities in LA for me right away. Her professionalism and know-all helped make me standout as a candidate.  

Working with Scoot was pleasant and relaxed, but there was also a clear sense of urgency in finding me a great fit. I was also coached and prepared for the interview and followup in helpful ways.

I couldn't have had a better experience and will be recommending Scoot to colleagues in the area! 

- John S., Full-time candidate 

free to use

Using Scoot's services to find your next job is FREE! Schools pay us to find stellar educators like you. 

Schools determine salaries. You can expect salaries to be competitive and reflect experience, education, and need. 

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