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Schools across LA, OC and SF

We serve public, private, independent, charter and religiously affiliated schools across California! We've partnered with schools in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco Bay Area!

It's our goal to be tech-driven but human-enabled! 
You'll have access to digital solutions and dedicated consultants who care about you.


Work on your terms, your time

  • No minimum days, create your own schedule

  • Develop relationships with schools

  • Travel to schools as far or close as you'd like 


Time for all your careers 

  • Enjoy substitute teaching on your off days or between projects

  • Many of our subs are also actors, film makers, directors, artists, yoga instructors, performers, and real estate agents 

Substitute teaching is an underappreciated career--a stigma we're working to change--but it's a very rewarding and valuable one. Substitute teaching is a great way to get introduced into a school community and develop relationships.

It's not uncommon for schools to offer our substitute teachers positions! 



We work with a variety of educators with ranging experiences. All educators must have a CBEST, complete a TB test and a Live Scan with us. 

Our top educators have a CA teaching credential or 30-day substitute teacher permit.
We also accept educators with 3+ lead teaching experience in private schools, who do not have credentials.   


Non-traditional educators 

New to the substitute teaching world? No worries, we've got a place for you!  See our article on How to become a substitute teacher.

You'll need to take some steps before stepping into a classroom, but as long as you have a Bachelor's degree and a passion for providing an exceptional day of learning, then we want to hear from you! 

Helpful Articles for Substitute Teachers

Quick Forms: Livescan + TB  

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We interview about your needs

Tell us about your background, motivation for getting in to education, teaching style, geographical preferences and overall needs. 

We want to know everything!

Submit your paperwork

We'll need a TB assessment/test completed with the last 60 days and Live Scan results as well as any credentials you have (CBEST, Single Subject, etc) 


Stellar Scooters hired

If accepted, you'll be employed by Scoot and receive a W-2. You'll use Scoot2Work to update your availablity and receive calls for suitable assignments. 

Get freedom and flexibility

Don't worry, we're not clingy. There's no minimum days and you can work with other companies. Manage your schedule on our app and get direct deposits weekly!  


"They really listened to my needs and understood what I was looking for. My consultants were responsive, helpful and alleviated any concerns I had. I like the flexibility offered. The Scoot App made it easy to communicate when I would be available to sub. This is especially important since I have 3 children and their schedules are always changing. "

- May C - Substitute Teacher


"The Scoot process was very professional and personal, at the same time. I would recommend Scoot to my colleagues!"

-Bernice K.  


"At first I thought it was too good to be true. A whole company devoted to helping teachers find placements? It felt really natural speaking to my consultant. I could tell you guys make a real effort in trying to get the right educator in the right classroom, and I would definetly recommend Scoot to anyone looking. "

-Contanza M. - Substitute Teacher 

Your pay is based on a variety of factors including credentials, qualifications and lead educator experience.   

An example of daily rates: 

Credentialed Teachers = $170 to $200 

30 Day Permit teachers = $160 to $180 

Bachelor's Degree Only = $145 to $165  

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