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General FAQs

Is there a cost to working with Scoot Education?

No. There is absolutely no cost for educators to work with us.

What kind of schools do you work with?

We service many types of private, independent, religious, and charter schools across Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and the Bay area.

Where are your schools in Los Angeles?

Our schools are all over the general LA area.  Some areas include but are limited to: San Fernando Valley, West LA, Pacific Palisades, Downtown LA, Hollywood, Koreatown, South Central LA, Orange County,  and East LA.

Where is your office?

3839 Main St. Culver City, CA 90232. 

Scoot Education is located at 3839 Main Street in Culver City, California. 

You'll find our door entrance between Rocco's Tavern Pizza and Novecento Pasta & Grill.

When you arrive, push the intercom and we'll buzz you in. 

Where do I park when visiting your office?

You can use metered parking along Main Street and surrounding streets. 

We recommend using the Cardiff Public Parking Lot next to Bank of America, located at 3846 Cardiff Ave, Culver City, CA 90232. The first 60 minutes are free. 

Scoot does not validate parking tickets. 

Are you hiring for jobs in the Scoot corporate office?

Check Scoot HQ job board website for latest openings.

Substitute Teacher FAQ 


Can I schedule an interview before applying?

No, you'll need to apply first. If we think you're a stellar fit and embody the qualities of a Scoot substitute teacher we'll invite you to schedule an in-person interview. 

How do I schedule an interview?

One of our consultant team will schedule an interview with you over the phone following your initial conversation regarding your credentials, experience, and preferences. If unable to find something suitable then and there, you'll be provided with an online link where you can confirm something that fits your calendar in your own time. 

What's the hiring process like? 

Great question! Read about it in our "Getting Hired As A Scoot Subsitute Teacher" blog.  


What should I bring to my interview?

See this checklist.  

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

Where do I get a TB test?

TB (tuberculosis) testing can be done at most clinics, urgent care, or hospital.  Google search for a place near you. We do not reimburse for TB testing. Take this form to the doctor: TB SCREENING

I recently had a TB test done.  Is it valid?

TB tests must be no older than 60 days from the date specified in your offer letter.  However, if you had one done recently, but not in that time frame, take this risk assessment form to the provider of the TB test: TB SCREENING.  They may just sign it and not have you do another test.

Live Scans

Where do I get a Live Scan?

There are many locations to get a Live Scan.  We recommend WellnessMart as they also provide TB tests. We do not recommend going to UPS as they tend to have technical issues and delays. You can always google Live Scan and find a list of providers in your area.

Do you reimburse for Live Scans?

Yes, Scoot will reimburse substitute teacher candidates up to $72.

When do I get reimbursed for the Live Scan?

You will get get the reimbursement with your first paycheck.  

Your first check comes the Friday following the week of your first teaching assignment.

How will I receive the Live Scan reimbursement?

You can expect to see your reimbursement in your direct deposit.   


Can I just turn in offer letters written for me?

No. You provide the names of three references here: PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES. We send an email with a form to fill out on your behalf.  

It only takes a few minutes to complete. When they finish, they send it back to us. We do this because it we feel it better evaluates your skills.

Please note that references need to have observed you in an eduational setting and be of a supervisory capacity. 


Do I have to have a 30 Day Permit to work with Scoot as a substitute teacher? 

No, but you will earn more and be eligible to work with more of our school partners with a 30 Day Permit. 

How do I get a 30-Day Emergency Substitute  Teacher Credential?

This takes a few steps.  You can read our blog post on "Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Los Angeles."

But in summary it’s this:

First you will take the CBEST, an aptitude test.  Most Pearson testing centers offer this test. Then you apply to the state with your test scores and official college transcripts.  You undergo a background check. Total cost is roughly $250. This investment results in higher paying and more frequent subbing assignments.  

To begin the process, call the Los Angeles County Department of Education in Downey, CA and speak with Marshall D. Grayson at: 562.922.6503.  Tell him what you’d like to do and he’ll advise you.  Call our office for additional support at 310.477.7707.


It depends on your qualifications and the school.  We'll outline this further as part of your in-person interview but we're competitive with market pay. 

Do you provide benefits?

Unfortunately, at this time we don't offer benefits but it is something we're looking to implement. 

How do I get work?

You do not need to search anywhere for work!   

Simply, use your Scoot2Work app to set your availability and mark yourself "ready to work."  You'll receive an assignment the day before or the morning of. 

If you want to work, we highly encourage you to be available by phone.  

Each morning, we contact substitute teacher via phone and then email. If you miss our call we follow up with an email.  

When do you call with work?

We start calling at 6:00 AM.  If you are ready to go at that time, please use the app and let us know you are "ready to work". We will also call at all times of day with opportunities as they arise.  Most jobs are staffed the same day.

Can I have a list of the schools you work with? Can I have a map of all the schools you work with?

Unfortunately, we don't release this information.

School partners are frequently changing and for privacy reasons we can't disclose this list.

Don't worry, each substitute teacher assignment comes with directions and specific details about your job, so you can rest easy that you'll get there on time and without hassle! 

What kind of substitute teacher  jobs do you staff?

Each school is different and has different needs. Our subs serve as lead teachers, playground monitors, teacher’s aids, or just about anything the school needs covered.

How long are the jobs?

Most of them are for one day or half a day.  Sometimes schools request our subs for multiple days, weeks, or months. 

Is there a maximum amount of days I can work? Is there a minimum amount of days I have to work to stay active?

No. You're the boss! You make your schedule without limitations. 

Do I have to accept jobs that are offered?

No. When we offer, we provide all the specs: pay, how far away the school is, what you’ll be doing, how long is the assignment is, etc and you make the decision. 

I’m also looking for a permanent job.  How do I get one?

If you have a multi subject or single subject credential, we can discuss finding you a permanent job.  Our permanent team will talk with you to find out what the best fit is. Call us at 310.477.7707.


I’m running late to my assignment, what do I do?

Call us so we can keep the school updated.

When I work with Scoot as a substitute teacher, what kind of employee am I?

You are a W-2 employee.

Scoot 2 Work App

When do I get access to the app, Scoot 2 Work?  

Access to the app is given once you’ve completed the offer letter and training.  The offer letter and training are issued once you have completed an interview, have provided identification, and also once we have received two successful references, a Live Scan, and a TB test.

Full-Time Teacher FAQs


What’s the process of becoming a Scoot candidate?

After you send in your resume, we will review your materials. If we believe we can partner with you, you will be invited to come in for an interview where we learn about your basic preferences (ideal position, geographic preferences, availability date,etc.) as well as your teaching pedagogy, classroom management skills, etc. Using this information, we will assess whether or not we can assist you with your job search.

If you are accepted you will be added to our educator network and be considered for all vacancies that match your preferences. We do NOT accept everyone. Our acceptance is based off experience qualifications and current vacancies.

Do you work with teachers who want to search confidentially?

Yes! We understand that you may not be ready to tell your current school you are searching so we offer confidential searching. Once you are ready to tell your current employer, we can help you navigate that process.


Can I schedule an interview before applying? 

No, you'll need to apply first. If we think you're a stellar fit and embody the qualities we look for in educators, we'll invite you to schedule an in-person interview. 

Can I just turn in letters of recommendation written for me?

No. You provide the names of three references here: PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES. We send an email with a form to fill out on your behalf.  It only takes a few minutes to complete. When they finish, they send it back to us. We do this because we feel it is a better way to evaluate your skills.


Do I get a say where you send my profile?

Absolutely! Before we send your candidate profile to a school, we will contact you first and make sure you are available and interested.

Can I still search for jobs on job boards?

Yes! We appreciate educator who are proactive with their search. If you want to apply to schools all we ask is that you let us know which schools you apply to so we can minimize duplicate submissions. Alternatively, you can talk to your Education Consultant and ask if he/she can send your candidate profile to the school for you.

I am an international educator looking to relocate to the US. Can you help provide sponsorship? 

We do not offer work visas directly, but we do work with qualified international educators on a case by case basis. 

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