fair pricing

no upfront fees.
no subscription fees.

You only pay once substitute teacher is hired.
​That's it. ​We do the work for you.


top talent

stellar substitute teachers,
​available now.

We have a pool of substitute teachers already vetted and eager to join your exceptional school.


we're local

truly an extension of your hiring team.

Located in LA, expect campus visits and incredibly personalized service.


Hiring Substitute Teachers

We care as much as you do

You can trust us to connect you with substitute teachers who exhibit the traits, values, and personality in alignment with your school. 

You'll receive a dedicated consultant who truly cares about your school. Expect campus visits and knowing each other by the first name. We are 100% an extension of your hiring team, and consider ourselves a partner integrated into your school community.  


the scoot difference

Hiring Substitute Teachers

No more movie days! We only send stellar substitute teacher ready to teach

Save time & money. Reduce school costs without compromising learning outcomes

Work with a partner. Our dedicated consultants learn your community's unique needs in a substitute

Stress-free bookings. Use our world-class tech (without the fees!) to request your substitutes

Qualified educators. Our substitutes teachers are Scoot employees and have completed a thorough vetting process

find educators, not babysitters 

the scoot difference

Hiring Full-Time Teachers

Get your time back. No more flipping through 100s of resumes of full-time teachers-only meticulously selected candidates for your school

Humanized Process. We’re not a resume vending machine. We personally source candidates, vet the best and send a short list of the top matches for your school community

We connect you with the type of educator you’re seeking, without you having to flip through hundreds of resumes 

Highly qualified educators. Only 20% are of candidates accepted into our networks

Ready for success. Our consultants talk to full-time teachers before hand-picking them so you know they’re interested in your opening 

Free to list a position with us; competitive placement fees

find your unicorn, stellar teachers await


substitutes teachers 


flat day rate

no startups fees
  • no technology fees
  • no timesheets to approve
  • simple pricing based on half or full-day rates 

full-time teachers


of teacher salary

free to list positions
  • no fees until hire is made 
  • work with a Scoot consultant
  • fee-based on educator's first year salary  

1. You make Scoot your hiring partner

Tell us about your school's culture, pedagogy, community and needs.

2. You get a stellar team of educators

Substitute teachers, leave and full-time candidates alike, we help you build the team you you've been dreaming of. 


3. You save time and money

You've now got stellar educators, you'll enjoy more time and more $$$ savings.  

4. You enjoy stress-free hiring

No more resumes, interviews or stress about hiring or filling last-minute vacancies. You can focus on making a great school!


Let's make hiring stress free

There's a term that Principals use when they're looking for ideal candidates, Unicorns.  Scoot pays attention to the details when identifying candidates to match me with and they've nailed it most of the time.  This is extremely rare and I am so grateful.  When I jump on the call for a phone interview with a potential candidate there is already alignment and fit to our school culture and model.  It makes the time worthwhile and the conversations allow for the candidate to move more quickly in the interview process.

Los Angeles

My mornings are so much less stressful because of Scoot!

Assistant Head of School,
Los Angeles

When I first signed up with Scoot, I didn't know what to expect. From the very beginning, they made me feel welcome. It was clear that I was no longer alone on my job search but that I was part of a team. They really tried to look past the resume at me as a person, they wanted to make sure it was a good fit for my personality.

Middle School ELA Teacher,
Los Angeles

Free help by people who have done what you've done? Come on now, that's kind of hard to pass up!

Middle School Math Teacher,
South Los Angeles

Scoot really listened to my needs and understood what I was looking for. My consultants were responsive, helpful and alleviated any concerns I had. I like the flexibility offered. The Scoot App made it easy to communicate when I would be available to sub. This is especially important since I have 3 children and their schedules are always changing. 

Substitute Teacher,
Los Angeles

The application process was quick, smooth, and easy to follow. I appreciated their flexibility and willingness to accomodate my schedule!

Substitute Teacher,
Los Angeles

Scoot's team really roll up their sleeves and get the work done that results in curating promising candidates for my review. 

Los Angeles

At first I thought it was too good to be true. A whole company devoted to helping teachers find placements? It felt really natural speaking to my consultant. I could tell you guys make a real effort in trying to get the right educator in the right classroom, and I would definetly recommend Scoot to anyone. 

Substitute Teacher,
South Los Angeles

The Scoot process was very professional and personal, at the same time. I would recommend Scoot to my colleagues!

Middle School Science Teacher,
San Fernando Valley

Working with Scoot, helped ease my anxiety about the job process. It was like I had a mediator the whole time. 

Middle School Math Teacher,
South Los Angeles

Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Scoot to my educator friends. 

Substitute Teacher,
South Los Angeles

Subbing can be a terrible job. But, I have found that Tom and James make every effort to make subbing a great experience for the teachers and schools. It's obvious that Scoot has done their research about the schools they work with. I really enjoyed my interview and it was nice to be interviewed by someone who wasn't looking at just checking boxes and was genuinely interested in your experiences.  When finding you work Tom and James try their hardest to match teachers to schools based on their availability. location and experience.

Substitute Teacher,
Santa Monica

Scoot is an amazing place. To receive follow up emails and to feel as though there’s a place that supports young educators is encouraging and motivating.

Los Angeles

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