Hire a Teacher

We start with you

It’s simple. We get to know your school, your needs, your mission, your culture--all of it! Then we source stellar candidates, vet the best and send you a shortlist of the top matches for your school community. A dedicated consultant is only one call away and our easy process allows you to focus less on recruitment and more on making exceptional schools.  ​

Easy Hiring ​​

No more wasted time on 100s of resumes, interviews, phone calls, and emails with candidates. 

You receive 3-5 handpicked candidates who meet the criteria for your school's culture and mission

Diverse Educators 

Forget interviewing and selecting the same type of homogenous educators. 
Hire educators with different backrounds, experience, and pedagogies to bring authentic diversity to your campus. 

You look like a rockstar ​​

Quit trying to tackle sourcing, interviewing, qualifying and hiring of candidates as a solo artist.   

Work with experts who act as an extension of your hiring team and partner with rockstars!