Request a Substitute Teacher

Scoot’s goal is to help our partner schools realize their mission. We achieve this by placing the right teacher into the right classroom so that students receive a valuable learning experience even when their regular teacher is not available.

Doing our job well means we provide substitutes who will participate in the school’s community while maintaining academic rigor. Scoot expects our substitutes to pitch-in at school and nurture student’s individual interests and talents, even if only for one-day. Substitutes can, and should, play a meaningful role in stoking students’ passion for learning.

Human-Driven, Tech-Enabled

Scoot uses a tech-enabled, but human-driven approach to placing substitute teachers. Our custom technology allows us to be efficient, compliant, and urgent. Our dedicated Consultants consider the human-driven parts of selecting a substitute for each vacancy. Our combination of technology and service is Scoot’s ‘secret-sauce’ that has led to our global success.

Stellar Substitutes

Feel confident when a Scoot substitute arrives in your classroom. Scoot substitutes are W-2 employees who have undergone extensive interviewing, reference checks, and completed TB testing, Livescan and background checks.  During the interview process, we access their behavioral resilience, experience and conduct a demo lesson. Scoot substitutes are high-quality and represent an elite group of educators.

Exceptional Service

 Our expectation is to fill 100% of bookings within an average of 11 minutes (for last-minute requests). We are easily contactable and stay in touch with schools so they’re aware of substitute request status, substitute ETA, problem resolution, etc. In the event that we cannot fill a request, Scoot quickly informs the school so that another provider may be contacted. Scoot expects to visit every school we work with. Scoot’s expectation of our schools is to welcome these visits and help facilitate them.