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Candice Coker

tel: 310 477 7707 option 2

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Scoot's history educators are fantastic storytellers - creative about tying past events to contemporary issues. They believe that rote memorization is old news and instead try to bring to life the lessons of the past by analyzing historical documents and narratives, debating the "why" behind historical events, and exploring the significance that events and people of the past have on the expectations of today's society. In addition to looking at the past, our history teachers know how to unpack and explore relevant themes of the modern world such as social justice, economics, and politics.

Stellar history educators have:

  • at least 3 years teaching experience in a middle or high school setting
  • a Bachelor's degree in History, Global Studies, Secondary Education, or a related field
  • content area expertise and proven effective teaching methods
  • a love of current events and an understanding of and empathy for all things historical