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Margo Hohsfield

tel: 310 477 7707 ext 104

Find out why Margo is so great at her job 

Scoot's Special Education educators are masters of understanding students with learning differences.  They are specially trained to push students to reach their highest potential while providing a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. Their toolkit is endless as they will stop at nothing to figure out how to help students reach beyond limitations and master individual goals. They are excellent communicators and work tirelessly to help students make academic and social progress while providing strategies and recommendations that can be implemented at school or home. Our special education educators are the biggest group of superheroes we know.

Stellar Special Education specialists have:

  • at least 3 years experience working with students with special needs
  • a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Special Education 
  • patience, passion, and superior communication skills
  • an expert level undertanding of successful strategies for a variety of learning differences