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Tom McKinnon

tel: 310 477 7707 ext 105 

At Scoot, a substitute teacher believes in the value of an exceptional education. No movie days in the classrooms served by us! 

Scoot substitute teachers bring a high level of competency, aptitude for common sense and professional attitude to the classroom.

They understand the complexities associated with filling in for the day and take great pride in providing a consistent, valuable day of learning even when the regular teacher is unavailable. 

The teacher is professional especially in high-stress situations, reliable, flexible, and eager to quickly build rapport with students, staff and school community. 

Scoot substitute teachers are employed by Scoot and strive to represent the company and fellow team with the utmost integrity knowing they are part of an elite group of educators. 

Stellar substitute educators have:

  • experience in K-12 charter, independent, private and religiously affliated school settings
  • a Bachelor's degree minimum
  • 30 day emergency permit or teaching credential
  • professional, adaptable and resilent demeanor
  • a go-getter attitude
  • a willingness to participate in school communities 
  • diverse backgrounds