Status of School Closures

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we've created this status page to keep you updated with school closures in California and Scoot Education in real time.  

Status Updates

July 13th
School Reopenings

LAUSD announced that school instruction will resume on August 18 with online-only instruction. More details concerning online and at-school programs will be announced by the first week of August.

The duration of virtual instruction has not been confirmed. LAUSD will continue planning for a return to in-person learning throughout the academic year. 

The majority of our partner schools notified us that they follow LAUSD, and will also resume with online-only instruction. During September, they will consider the possibility of adopting a hybrid model of in-person and virtual instruction. 

Some of our partner schools, primarily private schools, are resuming with a hybrid model of in-person and virtual instruction. Many of our private schools are planning to resume normally with in-person instruction.

New COVID-19 Training For Scoot Substitutes 
We’re working with our partner schools on new safety standards and teaching protocols within the current pandemic.

We’ll be releasing specialized training to prepare substitute teachers to effectively provide learning to students in both in-person and virtual teaching settings. 

Training will be released before September 2020. 

April 3rd

11:30 AM: We've sent an email explaining Stimulus Bills + Other Important Employee updates for Scoot substitute teachers. 

March 24th

11:30 AM: We've sent our monthly newsletter filled with helpful tips and teaching resources regarding COVID-19.

8:30 AM: LAUSD has confirmed school closures effective until end of April 2020. We expect all of our partner schools in LA and SF to follow suit. We expect the earliest schools will re-open is May 1st.

March 20th

We know COVID-19 has caused financial hardship for our substitutes. We've gathered a list of employers currently hiring, such as major grocery chains and delivery services. 

March 17th

We've sent a communication to all employees regarding employment benefits including unemployment, disability, and FMLA eligibility as well as how to apply for disaster unemployment benefits. See the email here. 

March 16th

6:00 AM: We've closed our Scoot offices, but remain open during normal business hours. Our HQ team is working remotely and at full-capacity to support business-as-usual. 

March 13

3:51 PM: We're hosting a live chat with our CEO on Sunday, March 15th at 3pm via video conferencing.  

3:50 PM: All Scoot substitute shifts have been cancelled until further notice. You should have received this email. 

9:00 AM: LAUSD announces school closures. We expect all schools in California to follow. 

8:47 AM: Oakland/SF schools added to list. LA list updated.

7:10 AM: Barack Obama Charter, Clarion Middle School and KIPP Compton closed due to non-health issues. 

6:42 AM: 10 schools were added to the list.  Closure dates updated. 

March 11: We have updated the closure lists.  

March 6th: We sent out our School Closure Policy via email. 

School Closures List

Los Angeles

  • All schools that Scoot Education works with are closed

Oakland/San Francisco

  • All schools that Scoot Education works with are closed

Keep phonelines open

Help us keep phonelines open for schools and subs on assignment. 

If it's not urgent, email us. 

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Will I still get compensated for the lost work? 

Regrettably, if schools close, Scoot will not be able to compensate for lost income.

Can I apply for unemployment benefits?  

You may apply for unemployment benefits at the EDD website. We’ll correspond with the EDD and comply with their requests as quickly as possible so they can assess your eligibility. 

If am a Scoot Ambassador, will I be paid during closures?

No, unfortunately Scoot will be unable to guarantee work days during significant school closures.

What should I do if I feel unwell?
During this time if you don't feel well or have been in contact with someone who is unwell, do not accept a shift or go to a school. Inform us immediately of this situation.

What happens if I’ve started a shift during a school closure? 

If school closures are announced without advance notice, substitutes who have commenced their assignment (signed-in at the school) will be compensated for the duration of the shift completed at time of cancellation. 

What if I’m booked for an assignment during a school closure, but I haven’t left the house? Do I still go? Do I call you? 

If school closures are announced without advance notice and a substitute has not left their house at the time of notification, please stay home. There is no need to call or contact us. 

What if I’m en route to a school when a closure is announced? What should I do?  

If school closures are announced while a substitute is commuting to the school, the substitute must contact Scoot by phone immediately so the time can be recorded and compensation arranged at the normal hourly rate.