Up to $550 Cash Bonus Substitute Teaching With Scoot

  • Tired of not having taxes withdrawn from paychecks?
  • Want better pay and more work?
  • Need more feedback and guidance from your substitute provider?

It's time to start working with Scoot! We truly love working with substitute teachers and try our best to offer you the best experience. We believe we're different than the rest and we're willing to put our money behind it!

We're offering up to $550 cash bonus when you sign up and start substitute teaching with us in the Oakland, California area!

We know you're a stellar educator and passionate about serving the students you teach daily, so enjoy the following when you sign up with Scoot before Thanksgiving: 

  • You'll get $100 cash bonus after your 5th shift
  • You'll get $100 cash bonus after your 10th shift
  • and you'll get $300 cash bonus after your 30th shift with Scoot!

Plus, we'll cover your startup fees and help you get started! 

If you're a credentialed teacher:

  • no cost to take your livescan
  • no cost for backround check
  • $50 gift card when you sign up

If you've taken the CBEST: 

  • no cost to take your livescans 
  • $100 reimbursement for your 30 Day Permit application fee